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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Comet Elenin's Nephews and Amateur Two Suns Reports - Yowradio:

Your Own World Radio With Marshall Masters

PANEL: Ed Douglas, Larry Hyde and Richard Shaw

Elenin is a cluster comet and from the outset, observations shown the core to be surrounded by others objects and or fragments following the same trajectory.   has never been imaged to date is the nucleus of the comet itself, which is still largely intact, as shown in the latest imagery. However, the mystery remains.

However, what we know via mainstream media reports, is that two space-based solar observatories, Stereo B and SOHO are being deployed (off mission) to observe this "wimpy" comet, as NASA likes to call it.  Meanwhile, Earth passes through the Elenin's dust tail this coming November and there is a strong likelihood the International Space Station (ISS) will be  de-manned by then, if not sooner.

Given the public concern recently displayed in Arizona, California and Nevada by a bolides streaking through the skies on 14-Sep, we need to wonder if this blazing meteor is a small sample of what is to come, when Earth encounters Elenin's "Nephews" as described by Hopi Prophecy.

Another matter of concern is the recent uptick in amateur two suns reports appearing on Youtube.com and other web sites.  Similar reports from countries like Russia and China are now being reported by their media.

Since 2007,  there  has seen a concerted effort to desensitize the public, with hoax images and videos. The result is that most amateur two suns reports on Youtube.com, seldom receive more than 200 views. For this reason, the big question the panel will address is why this disinformation strategy is so successful?

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