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Friday, January 27, 2012


from Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot

BREAKING NEWS! -- from a Camelot supporter: "Periodically I take care
of a baby relative of mine -not so much of a baby anymore; a toddler
now and growing up fast. Last night we were sitting in the dark by the
wood burning stove enjoying the fire. Out of the blue she said, "the
ocean is coming." She got up went to the door and looked outside." She
lives 50 miles inland at about 4000ft. in San Diego County."

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sun, Sounds and Pyramids http://1320frequencyshift.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/sun-sounds-and-pyramids/

Massive US Troop Movements In California Raise Russian Concerns
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A disturbing report prepared by the Ministry of Defense circulating in the Kremlin today states that Russian Military Officials were rebuffed by NATO yesterday after questions were raised regarding massive troop and war equipment movements in the United States region of California and said to involve over 78,000 soldiers from various countries.
Reports coming in from the United States verify these extraordinary troop movements are currently underway with videos showing massive amounts of tanks and other war equipment being brought into the California region by train near Santa Cruz  - see video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS-PmhhxPG4&feature=related and Morgon Hill see video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzCGBYcCta0&feature=related along with reports detailing that areas of Los Angeles were cordoned off this week for secret military exercises.   
Important to note, this report says, is that even though Russia had withdrawn in 2007 from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) it was still able to get explanations for the transferring and movement of Western European and American troops from the United Kingdom under a separate agreement, but which was suspended without notice or explanation by the British government this past 25 November 2011.
Concerns over the military movements of the Western Powers, this report continues, are due to the United States and its European allies accounting for nearly three-quarters of the entire amount spent on armed troops and equipment in the entire world and that over the past decade have unleashed wars in various parts of the globe which they show no signs of stopping.
Russian military intelligence analysis of the camouflage pattern indentified on the thousands of military vehicles and tanks flooding into the California region [see both videos linked above] note that it is a variant of the MARPAT woodland pattern designed for use by US Marine Forces intended for use in urban environments located in temperate zones or tropical areas, but most certainly is not one used in any of Americas current war theaters of operation.
Analysis as to why these troops are currently massing in California, this report says, could involve any number of scenarios including: 1.) A planned US-EU invasion of either Mexico or a South American nation. 2.) Preparations to put down large scale rioting erupting in the United States. 3.) Preparations to assist the civilian population in the aftermath of a catastrophe caused by war or natural disaster.
Russian military analysts in this report note that Mexico could be a “prime target” for US-European military action as its Drug War which began in 2006 has claimed nearly 48,000 lives and during this pivotal election year is now threatened with disintegration as its drug cartels now have more power than the government.
Another analysis in this report notes the United States growing anger at both oil rich Venezuela and Brazil whose left-leaning governments are becoming increasingly opposed to American-European domination and increasingly siding with China and Iran against the West. Important to note in this scenario are that war concerns in Brazil have increased to the point that many are now calling for Brazilians to begin preparing to crush an expected American invasion.  
As to the likelihood that these forces massing in California will be used to put down internal dissent appears to have strong validity due to many experts analysis, including Obama regime backer and billionaire George Soros who this week warned that a violent class-war is about to erupt in the United States and stating, “The situation is about as serious and difficult as I've experienced in my career.”  Important to note in this scenario is that United States crackdown on protesters has become so violent that the international association known as Reporters Without Borders downgraded press freedom in America to 47th this week, an astounding fall of 27 places for a country that claims it has the most freedom in the world.
To if these troops massing in California are to be used in the event of a catastrophe we had noted in our previous report, Megaquake Warning Issued For US-Mexican Pacific Coast, that there is, indeed, a growing concern among Russian experts this region may be about to experience a devastating earthquake.
In our world today where the Obama regime has called for more of its troops to be deployed to the Philippines to counter China, has ordered 15,000 more of its troops to Kuwait in preparation for a war with an Iranian nation that is itself “preparing for Armageddon,” these strange and massive troop movements in California do raise a number of concerns, but which without the American people themselves demanding to know what is going on will, as always, leave these poor souls at the mercy of the tyrants who rule over them.
And to how truly barbaric the United States has become, one need look no further than Tariq Aziz, a 16-year-old Pakistani boy who offered to collect information on US drone strikes killing innocent civilians if it would help protect his family, but within 72 hours of making his offer was assassinated by the Americans along with his 12-year-old brother when the car he was travelling in was blown up by a missile fired by a drone.
If even children are now considered enemies by the new “god” Obama who now rules completely over “Battlefield Earth,” one must surely ask themselves what chances anyone has anymore…May the Lord have mercy upon us all.



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks  - thanks to Kashi for this most informative and important knowledge about how to prevent cancer....


THE DRUM SOUND RECENTLY HEARD IN ALL OF COSTA RICA (although not everybody heard it)


Troops Home
The Zetas have long predicted that the US military would bring their troops home, to the homeland, when the Earth changes picked up, leaving only a skeleton crew at bases over seas.

Prediction 10/11/2003: The war games discussed during the NATO exercises included disasters equivalent to those we have predicted for the pole shift, immense devastation sparing none. In the event that such a scenario ensues, increasing volcanic eruption, quake torn roads and crumbling cities, mass populations homeless and roving the countryside, how should treaties installing the US Military in bases around the world be viewed? In the event of such earth changes, troops would be brought home, under stealth and with little fanfare, to the respective homelands, leaving at most a skeleton crew at the bases.

Of the hundreds of thousand of troops Bush had assigned to Iraq, to secure the oil fields for the Bush family and friends, only 150 will remain, a skeleton crew.

U.S. Military Works to get Troops Home Faster from Iraq
November 24, 2011
The U.S. military is ordering that soldiers crossing from Iraq into Kuwait be returned home at a faster rate, a move that comes as commanders work to break up a bottleneck of troops who have been pouring across the border ahead of a year-end deadline to withdraw. Of the approximate 11,000 troops in Iraq, down from the 50,000 three months earlier, only about 150 will remain after the deadline to assist in arms sales.
Where are the Legions?
May 26, 2004
As of early May 2004, there are some 250,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen deployed in support of combat, peacekeeping, and deterrence operations. This figure does not include those forces normally present in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom or Japan. If one were to include these forces the number of deployed troops worldwide would be around 350,000.
Note the Zetas made the prediction about the troops coming home when Bush, with all his ambitions, was still in the White House, and still pressing for yet more troops for the Middle East, to sit on the fields of black gold there, the oil fields. This shows that the Zetas knew in 2003 when the troops would be returned home, clearly not when Bush was in charge. It would be at a time when the Earth changes would be picking up.

Comment 9/8/2007: Bush intends to stall, as he has in the past, hoping now to push any determination to the spring. What he hopes for is some breakthrough on the many fronts where he has been trying to incite a war with Iran, martial law within the US, and some sort of fantasy about the world finally embracing him as the ruler of the new world. Bush's delusional plans are not even remotely possible or sustainable.

Scary! Filmed today 1/20/2012 in Watsonville, CA South of Santa Cruz going South.mp4


The ZetaTalk Newsletter
Issue 277, Sunday January 22, 2012
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk    Earth Changes    Announcements    
Signs of the Times

Costa Rica Drums
There were the Kiev Trumpets and the Horns of Belarus and the Tampa Bay howl, and now we have the Costa Rica drums. There are of course many such places that get noisy under the stress of stretching and vibrating, but this one hit the news.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGz489VqHjU
AUDIO:  Costa Rico Drums  http://www.zetatalk4.com/ning/14ja001.mp3
IMAGE: Costa Rico Map  http://www.zetatalk5.com/ning/14ja002.jpg

Strange Sound Heard Throughout Costa Rica
January 11, 2012
Is it the mysterious sound of the so-called coming Apocalypse? Some think that the mysterious sound heard in Costa Rica at around 12:30am this morning is exactly that. It is important to note that this is not the wind nor was it filmed anywhere near the ocean. The sound was heard throughout the entire country from Heredia to Perez Zeledon. The Costa Rica Volcanologist and Seismologist Organization is saying there is no Earth movements recorded at the time of the strange sound.
Per the Zetas, where the Kiev Trumpet and Horns of Belarus were due to vibrating water, and the Tampa Bay Howl was due to the ground vibrating, the Costa Rica drums were due to a clapping fault line!

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/14/2012: There is a subset of the Caribbean Plate called the Panama Plate, though this subset moves as one with the Caribbean Plate. Nevertheless, there is a fault line running through Costa Rica, and during the incessant pressure of the slow moving S American roll, fault lines can pull apart and bang back together again, like clapping. As the recent cold spells in India reveal, the N Pole of Earth is pushed violently away when the Sun is over New Zealand and the magnetic N Pole of Earth (currently over Siberia) comes up over the horizon. This equates to midnight in Costa Rica, which is when the drums were heard. Residents there should get used to these midnight drums, which will be with them for some time.

S America Flooding

What is the common denominator for flooding in Brazil and Columbia? The peculiar pattern of flooding in S America reveals that this is not due to rain, but due to the mountain building and bow stretch that the S America roll imposes on the continent. Note the spike in disasters during the time of the December magnetic trimester change, as this recent Pole Shift ning blog pointed out.

Disasters in Brazil, Chile and Colombia Account for More than 480 Fatalities
January 4, 2012
Three Latin American countries suffer the consequences of disasters that have killed over 480 people and the evacuation of nearly two million people. Brazil and Colombia bear disproportionate increase in flooding. Flooding in the city of Bogotá, Colombia's capital, and in different provinces have so far caused over 477 deaths and nearly two million homeless.
The flooding in Brazil is localized to the southeastern provinces. Why just this region? This was addressed last November, 2011 when a crop circle depicting the expected yaw to be produced by the bending and bowing of S America during its roll was analyzed by the Zetas. At that time, this region in southern Brazil was already experiencing infrastructure implosion and flooding, unlike the rest of the country!

ZetaTalk Analysis 11/19/2011: S America is bending, pulling apart so that the seaway at Buenos Aires will be expanded. But as the flooding along the Rio Parana shows, this area is being stretched also and will stretch along the curve south of Rio de Janeiro, the 30° swatch on the crop circle. The large circle to the right is the Buenos Aires stretch, and further south along Argentina, the next circle to the right. Will there likewise be a stretch in the Amazon? This too is indicated by the circles to the left, but not as significant as the coastal area.

Now matters have gotten worse, as this Pole Shift ning blog shows.
Jan 3 - Collapse on 25 km of federal highway MG-010, Minas Gerais
Jan 6 - Bridge collapse in Guidoval, Minas Gerais
Jan 6 - Land subsidence in area Mangabeiras, João Monlevade
Jan 8 - Collapse on road MG-020 near Ribeiro de Abreu, Belo Horizonte
Jan 9 - Building collapse in Buritis, Belo Horizonte
Jan 10 - Crater 20 meters in Rio Doce, Timoteo
Jan 10 - Building collapse in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Jan 11 - Road collapse in Araçatuba, São Paulo

These floods and disasters are occurring in the exact location where the November, 2010 crop circle was laid!
Brazil Location

4,000 Brazilians Evacuated as Dike Bursts after Heavy Rains

January 6, 2012 http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/05/world/americas/brazil-flooding/index.html?hpt=wo_bn5
Floodwaters opened up a 20-meter-wide crater in the highway outside of Campos dos Goytacazes, which is about 275 kilometers (170 miles) northeast of the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro. Heavy rains across southern and central Brazil have also wreaked havoc in the state of Minas Gerais, an inland state to the southeast of the nation's capital of Brasilia.
There is lots of evidence that Europe is being stretched. In a swath from the coastline of Norway through the Denmark straits to the Sea of Azov mud volcanoes there have been incidents, and the singing reservoirs in Kiev and Belarus are due to the stretch also. Now a dramatic sinkhole has opened up in Turkey, horrifying in its depth, with other sinkholes in the region.

Massive Sinkhole Appears Overnight
January 1, 2012
A massive sinkhole suddenly appeared overnight on January 1 in Gelik district of Zonguldak city. The sinkhole is about 30 meter deep and 15 meter wide.
Russian Toddler Dies in Bryansk Pavement Collapse

January 9, 2012
A toddler in Bryansk in western Russia has died after falling through a hole that opened up as his mother took him for a walk. The pavement gave way because of a burst hot-water pipe.
Wobble Switch

The Zetas warned that temporary and sudden switches of the Earth's alignment with Planet X can occur. Suddenly, between January 10 and January 11 the sunrise in N America was no longer too far South, but almost directly East! The Magnetic Simulator showed the pattern of a shared field on January 11, a change from the pattern that had been in place just the day before, and the pattern of earthquakes seemed also to shift.

The Zetas explained this opposition process when it first appeared in October of 2009. Rather than attempting to be end-to-end, the Earth is attempting to be within the magnetic field of Planet X. So magnetons flow along lines of the magnetic field of Planet X - into the S Pole of Earth and out from the N Pole of Earth and then directly onto Planet X.
Magnetic Postures

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/29/2009: What would explain the magnetic twist, where Earth's field appears to be heading in the wrong direction entirely, the emissions from the N Pole going directly south, the intake at the S Pole coming directly from the north? Planet X will be influencing the Earth's magnetosphere from a point slightly to the side.

Prior to the temporary swing into opposition, the Magnetic Simulator had shown the intense pressure from the N Pole of Planet X. When the Earth's magnetosphere is compressed by such a blast, it has appeared as a blue egg, a tight magnetic field. On Christmas Day the egg had an upturned end, which per the Zetas shows the increased pressure as Planet X approaches just below the Ecliptic.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/31/2011: The image in question, dated Christmas day December 25, 2011, is a version of the compressed magnetosphere, but under pressure from a Planet X that is coming ever closer. This is the reason for the increased violence of the wobble, as the push away of the Earth's N Pole is stronger. This is the reason for the Sun appearing so far to the south at this time, as the Earth is leaning its N Pole away from the N Pole of Planet X.

What the polar wobble from the intense pressure from the N Pole of Planet X also does is push the N Pole of Earth away violently. This can be seen in the weather, worldwide, where India froze and the US roasted. This polar wobble can also be seen on the weather maps, this one from December 30 showing the vertical weather pattern of the polar wobble across the US.

India Cold Spell Toll Surges to 128
December 26, 2011
At least 128 people have died during a two-week-long cold spell sweeping across northern and eastern India.
More than 1,000 Record Highs Set this Week

January 7, 2012 http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/more-than-one-thousand-record-1/59956
The total of record highs set over the past seven days is 1,166. On Thursday, 336 record highs were recorded across the Plains and Midwest.
ZetaTalk Comment 12/31/2011: The Earth wobble primarily pushes the Earth's magnetic N Pole away. This great push puts the Pacific under the Arctic air, while giving India cold spells. Europe finds itself pushed under tropical air as a result. For N America, which lies to the side on this push/rebound, the effect is a pumping action. The jet stream is disrupted, and the air mixed. While the south may be having cool spells, the north may be virtually roasting, the opposite of what is expected.

The sudden switch into opposition can also be clearly seen in the weather maps, which suddenly showed a diagonal push on January 9 rather than the vertical push before the switch. 

The force of the polar wobble which was in place until January 10 could also be seen in wobble clouds over Texas, where a tornado in the sky affected the upper atmosphere but could not reach the ground. Per the Zetas this is yet another example of the force of the polar wobble.
ZetaTalk Comment 12/31/2011: This recent recorded incident over Texas is clearly another example of an incomplete tornado, as the tornado can be clearly seen. This particular incident was undoubtedly caused by the increased wobble, which has caused an almost vertical weather pattern over the US. Turmoil in the upper atmosphere was not necessarily reflected in the atmosphere close to the ground, as the top layer was dragged quickly over the bottom layer, so they did not act as one.

What does such sudden switching about of the magnetic alignment with Planet X do? This jerks the globe, and plate movements result! And this did occur, with a reported 7.3 quake offshore from Sumatra on January 10, the time of the switch into opposition.
7.3 Magnitude Quake Strikes off Western Indonesia
January 10, 2012
The agency initially reported a 7.6-magnitude quake, but later downgraded that to magnitude 7.1. In Banda Aceh, the ground shook for 30 seconds and terrified residents rushed out of their homes. In December 2004, a giant 9.1-magnitude quake off the coast of Aceh province on the northern tip of Sumatra triggered a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that claimed 220,000 victims.
Obama's Military

The US military has long been the largest in the world, in fact larger than all other countries combined - engaging in wars, with bases around the world, and being used to maintain corporate interests under the guise of world peace. But no more, per Obama, who announced a drastic troop reduction, cutting 1/3 of the troop count.
Obama: the US Can No Longer Fight the World's Battles
January 6, 2012
The mighty American military machine that has for so long secured the country's status as the world's only superpower will have to be drastically reduced, Barack Obama warned as he set out a radical but more modest new set of priorities for the Pentagon over the next decade. Instead, the US military will lose up to half a million troops.

Obama Announces New, Leaner Military Approach
January 5, 2012
The U.S. military will steadily shrink the Army and Marine Corps, reduce forces in Europe and probably make further cuts to the nation's nuclear arsenal, the Obama administration said in a preview of how it intends to reshape the armed forces after a decade of war. The downsizing of the Pentagon, prompted by the country's dire fiscal problems, means that the military will depend more on coalitions with allies and avoid the large-scale counterinsurgency and nation-building operations that have marked the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama Defense Plan Would End Ability to Fight Two Conventional Wars at Once
January 5, 2012
Obama noted that even with cuts, the Pentagon's budget would still grow beyond levels reached in the latter years of the previous administration, and would still be larger than the world's next 10 largest militaries combined.
The Zetas have long predicted that the US military will bring the troops home heading into the pole shift, leaving only a skeleton crew on bases around the globe, as noted in Issue 270 of this newsletter on December 4, 2011.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/11/2003: The war games discussed during the NATO exercises included disasters equivalent to those we have predicted for the pole shift, immense devastation sparing none. In the event that such a scenario ensues, increasing volcanic eruption, quake torn roads and crumbling cities, mass populations homeless and roving the countryside, how should treaties installing the US Military in bases around the world be viewed? In the event of such earth changes, troops would be brought home, under stealth and with little fanfare, to the respective homelands, leaving at most a skeleton crew at the bases.

They have also predicted that most troops would be released and sent home prior to the pole shift, to care for their families and to reduce the threat of rogue military groups forming. Is this what is in process?

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2001: What would the attitude of the soldier be, if starvation were rampant, news of this coming from home? The military knows this, discusses this, endlessly. They have great history to examine. Martial Law in the US is not expected. We anticipate, rather than a Martial Law setup, that troops will be sent home just ahead of the shift, to be with their families. In this way, they will be disbanded, less of a threat, and more likely to assist their families than run as gangs.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

A long awaited communications link with Earth's people went into on-line development, late last year.  (UFOgrid.com ) In recognition of official start-up and beginning of operations, powers of the First Order sent visitors and recognition, as promised to the site. The first link is activity over site base of operations on Jan 16, 2012. The second link is to sounds from around the World.


To learn about other plans go to UFOgrid.com

Planetary Human Interface Link

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


GET READY.......
HERE WE GO.........

Monday, January 16, 2012


One People flash mob - Occupy Oakland....


Sunday, January 15, 2012



1/15/2012 -- 6.6M, 6.6M, 6.7M, 6.7M, and a 6.2M -- FIVE Earthquakes IN A ROW

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012
Russian Move Against US Called “First Shot” Of World War III

A grim Ministry of Finance report prepared for Prime Minister Putin is warning today that the decision by Iran to cease taking US Dollars for its oil could very be the “first shot” fired in World War III, and one which Russia will be blamed for by the Obama regime.
According to this report, Iran swiftly countered planed US sanctions against its Central Bank yesterday by announcing that it will no longer accept the US Dollar as payment for its oil shipments to India, Japan and China, and further announced that bilateral trade between itself and Russia will, also, break from the US Dollar for settlement in favor of the Iranian Rial and Russian Rubles.
Sure to enrage the Obama regime, this report continues, was that the proposal to switch to the Ruble and the Rial was raised by President Medvedev at a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in Astana, Kazakhstan, of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
Though Iran had previously announced in 2008 that it had stopped trading its oil for US Dollars (Ahmadinejad called the depreciating US Dollar a “worthless piece of paper”) India, Japan and China were made exempt due to their large holdings of American currency and fears of wreaking further chaos on the global economic collapse that had just begun.
Important to note, this report reminds us, is that a similar move by Iraq’s former leader Saddam Hussein in not accepting US Dollars for oil in 2000 brought about the invasion of his country by the Americans and their European allies resulting in his eventual execution and causing the vast wealth of Iraqi oil and gas fields to be turned over to the Western oil giants.
Likewise, this report says, former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi earned the same fate as Hussein after he, in the months leading up to the US-NATO military attack on his country, called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create a new currency that would rival the US Dollar and Euro and saying that Libya would only sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars.
Most oil sales throughout the world are denominated in US Dollars, and according to proponents of the petrodollar warfare hypothesis, because most countries rely on oil imports, they are forced to maintain large stockpiles of Dollars in order to continue imports.
This creates a consistent demand for US Dollars and upwards pressure on its value, regardless of economic conditions in the United States. This in turn allows the US government to gain revenues through seignorage and by issuing bonds at lower interest rates than they otherwise would be able to. As a result the US government can run higher budget deficits at a more sustainable level than can most other countries.
But, this report reminds us, the current budget deficit of the US has now reached the staggering amount of $15.23 trillion which is the size of its entire economy, and with the Federal Reserve preparing to being another round of massive printing this coming summer the loss of Iran’s oil customers needing US Dollars could very well signal the collapse of the entire American economy.
Though the Obama regime has sent its Treasury Secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, to China and Japan today in an effort to persuade them to cut back on Iranian oil this effort appears doomed from start as the Chinese have outright rejected this move and Japan has, likewise, expressed its concerns
As is always the case in these type of dire matters, reports from the US show its mainstream propaganda media organs are not reporting on this potentially catastrophic turn of events leading to yet another circumstance where the American people will be taken by complete surprise when this cold war suddenly turns hot.
In order to prepare itself for what is to come, however, a vast Russian naval fleet arrived in Syria yesterday in an attempt to forestall US-NATO action against its Middle East ally currently under attack by the CIA-backed terrorist group known as al-Qaida.
Most shocking in this report are some Russian economists stating that the Obama regime is actually anticipating the collapse of the US Dollar as a “solution” to their being able to implement drastic socialistic change such as was done during the Great Depression under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and which the grim statistics being reported from the US show they are, indeed, nearing total economic collapse and include:
As the buildup for war between the US and Iran continues to escalate, UN Chief Ban ki Moon’s call for the easing of tensions has gone unheeded as the Obama regimes call for the “dogs of war” to be unleashed on the Iranian people shows no sign of abatement.
To what the final outcome may be in all of these events was detailed by Professor Igor Panarin of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs who has long warned the United States is in a state of economic collapse which will see America being divided up into 6 regions [Map bottom left] due to a “vulnerable political setup,” “lack of unified national laws,” and “divisions among the elite, which have become clear in these crisis conditions.”
Interesting to note about Professor Panarin’s prediction of the United States splintering into different regions are new reports coming from the United States showing that the Obama regime has recently called for the staffing of what are called FEMA Concentration Camps in not just 6, but 10 different regions of their country.
Professor Panarin further warned that “a secret agreement was reached between Canada, Mexico and the US on a common Amero currency as a new monetary unit” and said that “this could signal preparations to replace the dollar.”
When asked how Russia should react to his vision of the future, Professor Panarin said: “Develop the ruble as a regional currency. Create a fully functioning oil exchange, trading in rubles... We must break the strings tying us to the financial Titanic, which in my view will soon sink.”
January 10, 2012 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.