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Saturday, September 24, 2011

David Icke Newsletter, September 25th 2011


Hello all and greetings from 'Down Under',

It is more than 21 years now since I walked into the house of the psychic, Betty Shine, in March, 1990 and my world was turned asunder. Or, at least, it was soon going to be.

I was told that I would go out on a world stage to reveal great secrets - 'one man cannot change the world, but one man can communicate the message that can change the world', was one of Betty's lines for me that day.

I was utterly bewildered by it all. 'Me? I introduce the news and sport on television - what has all this got to do with me?' But something very deep and at the time unexplainable said 'go with it' and I have done so ever since as I have followed the synchronicity of life and the clues put before me. As a message through another psychic said at that the time:

'Arduous seeking is not necessary. The path is already mapped out. You only have to follow the clues ...We are guiding you along a set path.'

That is precisely how it has turned out to be. I have long since ceased to see my life as, well, a life. I see it as a job - something that I have come here to do. In a way, it's a bit like leaving home (wherever I 'came' from) to go to work and then returning 'home' when the job is done.

So when people say to me that I should have other things in my life besides what I do, I say, but I do have other things in my life, my eternity. What I am doing now is only a dot in that Infinity.

I don't 'come' from here, I come from forever. So do you, so does everyone and everything. I am just 'here' to do something and then I am going 'home' to forever. We all are.

Betty Shine and the book that led me to her two decades ago.
It is strange, really. Betty Shine talked about 'They' wanting to communicate with me and 'They' just called themselves 'We'. You would think that I would want to know - even be obsessed by wanting to know' - who 'They' are.

But I haven't been. It all felt just so right and that was enough for me. I go where the music takes me - the symphony of knowing - and the rest takes care of itself, although I think I am heading for a point where I will know who 'They' are and their relationship to me.

Something big-time is changing within me now. I am entering a new phase and my energy field is going through a very tangible transformation. It is hard to put words to this at the moment, but I am not the same 'person' that I was even six months ago.

My awareness is shifting and I think the best way I can describe it is that my point of attention, or observation, of this reality is moving - and moving fast. I feel less and less focussed on this 'world', or this range of frequencies that we call the world.

I seem to be 'in' this world less and less and observing the world from beyond its vibrational walls more and more. I guess this has to be if more advanced information is to be accessed and communicated, because the greater understanding of what is happening here does not exist within five-sense reality or anywhere vibrationally close.

You have to get 'out there' to access that - or remember that. Yes, remember. What we call 'insight' or 'inspired thought' is actually expanding your conscious awareness into those realms that hold that information and knowing. It is less insight and more remembering what, at that level of awareness, we already know.

'Oh yes, I am All That Is And Ever Can Be.'
I am sitting at a table writing this in a hotel on the Gold Coast in Queensland where I speak this weekend. I have not been drinking, but it sort of feels that way. I am 'here', but not 'here'. I can tap the keys, but most of my awareness is some 'place' else.

It is a strange feeling, but far from unpleasant.

I started to feel 'different' around the early part of the spring around the time I was on a speaking tour to Germany, Rome, Sweden and Denmark. Everything became calmer somehow and slower. There was no rush about anything - like I was suddenly operating in a different 'time'-line.

I returned home in mid-May and the next day I sat down to write a new book in the small 'window' I had before heading out here to Australia and then on to New Zealand, the United States and Europe.

I spent at least six days a week researching and writing for 15 hours a day while my son, Jaymie, brought me food in so I didn't have to stop. That concentrated focus over so many hours every day certainly made something shift in itself; but what is happening to me is more than that.

I finished the book in early August and was immediately faced with two legal cases coming together at the same moment. One meant spending a lot of time and money for a court hearing that didn't happen in the end because the other party who was paying nothing in legal fees asked for an adjournment.

A mystery and obviously wealthy donor that I don't know yet - but I will - suddenly came in to pay for very expensive London lawyers to represent this person. Why? What is in it for the funder except to damage me and what I do as much as possible?

The second case involved me going through a big box of papers and documents relating to events that happened ten years ago.

Both of the above meant that I had no time to rest between finishing the book and getting on the plane to Australia to start the most gruelling speaking tour of my life.

I felt cheated with my rest time taken from me and frustrated and disgusted by the motivations of the people involved. But that, too, is part of the journey.

What we call human emotions like anger, resentment, frustration and so on are like ballast bags on a hot air balloon. They stop you flying to heights that you otherwise could and, if you are going to get there, they have to be released.

August and early September was very difficult for me. I was consumed by the frustration and disgust at what those involved in the legal cases were seeking to do for their own bile and benefit. One in particular, I felt, had taken self-obsession, greed and vindictiveness to still new depths of the cesspit while claiming to be the opposite.

But they were emotions that I had carried and suppressed with regard to these people for a long time and what happened, and is still happening, brought them to the surface where they could be dealt with and released.

An exhausted and frustrated man boarded the plane for the 24 hour journey from London to Perth, Australia, last week, but in the days that followed something has shifted very profoundly.

It was no coincidence that this transformation within me that started in the spring should coincide at this time with suppressed emotions coming to the surface where I had to deal with them.

The experience also gave me personal insight into how low-vibrational emotion holds humanity in vibrational servitude to the Control System. How humans are energetically enslaved by negative emotion became so blatantly obvious.

What has changed is not the legal cases, which go on as before with conclusions in 2012. No, what has changed is my 'relationship' with them. I don't care any more. Wipe hands - whatever.

Both cases together have the potential to be a 'perfect storm' that cleans me out of everything - but, you know, I don't care. Whatever happens, I will get up and get on with it as I did when another guy in America almost brought my work to an end through his mega theft and by putting my books in his own name.

It is part of the 'deal', really. Those who seek to access ever more expanded knowledge have to constantly expand their awareness - and that means they must accept experiences and deeply unpleasant people coming into their lives to ensure that all remnants of emotional baggage are released to allow maximum expansion of awareness. The message said:

'Arduous seeking is not necessary. The path is already mapped out. You only have to follow the clues ...We are guiding you along a set path.'

'The path is already mapped out ... We are guiding you along a set path.' Yes, the path necessary to impart and access advanced awareness and knowledge and the path necessary to clear out the human programs inherited and absorbed that would get in the way of accessing advanced awareness and knowledge.

As another message through Betty Shine said in 1990: 'The spiritual way is tough and no one makes it easy.' This is why. The baggage and attachment to the illusions of five-sense reality have to go.

When I arrived in Perth just over two weeks ago, I had a whole new nine-hour presentation to put together in the days before the event last weekend and, apart from an hour eating each day, I spent my time moving between the computer and the pillow in a sequence that continued throughout the daylight hours and still does.

Just before the start in Perth with organiser, Adam Davies.
This was not jetlag. I know what that feels like from long experience. This was very different. I would sleep from early evening to often mid-morning and still be tired all day. So much so that I would work for an hour or so and sleep for an hour or so and then have the mega sleep at night.

My dreams were vivid and my sleeps were coma-like, and they still are. Something is going on.

The last time anything like this has happened before was when I was in India in 2008 and slept day and night for days. That, too, was preceded by great emotional challenge when my arthritis became so bad I could hardly function.

The only way I could move at Heathrow airport on the way out was to shuffle my feet along the, thankfully, polished stone floor of the new Terminal Five. I couldn't lift my feet off the ground. I sat waiting until all the passengers had boarded the plane so I didn't have to stand up for long in the queue.

I was wondering how I was going to cope for eight hours with the limited legroom of economy, but when I handed over my boarding pass the man told me that I had been selected for an upgrade to business class. This meant that I could lie flat for virtually the entire journey. I cried I was so relieved.

The challenges come, but always in the background there is a force watching over and looking out for you. Those that seek to harm me, exploit me and bring me down would do well to remember that, but they won't - to their long-term cost.

Another Betty Shine message in 1990 has proved to be accurate again and again: 'He will face enormous opposition, but we will always be there to protect him.' The last chap who tried to destroy me and my work in court realised this fact too late, but they never learn.

Greed and red mist are powerful suppressors of clear and sensible thought. They don't see it coming until it's here. Do they really think that an operation for human emancipation which has been so long planned and involves multiple dimensions of reality is going to be allowed to fail because of them? It's hilarious.

I woke up last Saturday before dawn for an early start to the Perth event and I still felt very tired, but also surreal. I was going through the 'physical' motions of getting washed and dressed, but 'I' was somewhere else.

I drifted through the preparation at the venue, still in a kind of daze, but once I began I had all the energy I needed out of 'nowhere'. More than that, everything was different. I had experienced nothing like it before in all the years of public presentations.

I have been feeling the energy at the events becoming more powerful and profound for quite a time now - the event in Los Angeles earlier this year was when I first realised that something was tangibly changing and moving on.

But Perth was beyond that. First of all I talked for nine hours and at the end it seemed like no more than two. Where had the day gone? I heard Adam Davies, the excellent organiser of the Australia/New Zealand tour, say to the audience how quickly the day had passed.

I thought 'too right, mate, I know what you mean'. What just happened?

On the stage I was aware of everything going on around me, the images on the screen and all that, but 'I' was somewhere else looking 'in'. This 'place' was beyond 'time and space' and that is why 'time' did not register in five-sense reality as it normally would.

I also went into the 'zone' before the start of the event and never came out until an hour or so afterwards. I was in that 'place' throughout and when people came into the dressing room to ask me if I needed anything they were 'there' in the sense that I was aware of them, but not 'there' in the sense that I could really interact very well.

The experience was strange to say the least, but amazing.

The sequence has repeated since the Perth event. Long coma-like sleeps at night and mini coma-like sleeps throughout the day with a very big event in the Gold Coast happening the day before you read this. It will be interesting to see what happens.

The legal cases hardly pass through my mind anymore and won't except in moments when I need to deal with them. I know that there are forces at work far greater than the Control System and certainly infinitely greater than those who wish to exploit me and bring me down via the courts.

Thus, they will take their cause and effect, just as the last guy did. No one is immune from that in five-sense reality - that is what these people forget to their eventual cost.

From the perspective of this new 'place', I can also see more clearly than ever that the Control System is coming down and that the mass awakening I was told was coming in 1990 is affecting ever more people ever more powerfully.

The energy in the theatres has been the same in such diverse places as Los Angeles, Germany, Rome, Sweden, Denmark and now Perth because those in the audience are tapping into, and therefore generating, the energy of human transformation - the Truth Vibrations, as I call them.

The collective energy field in the theatres is now incredible - reality changing way beyond the confines of the venue because that energy field is interacting with the Earth energy field.

I probably felt this more in Perth than ever before because the 'vibe' is gathering in strength and number, and this is going to energetically dismantle the Control System, which is constructed from fear, anger, resentment, vindictiveness, greed and other such emotions.

You will find all of those emotions in the legal system which is the means of imposing such motivated outcomes on your targets; but no such emotion could be found in that theatre in Perth last week and, without that, the Control System cannot survive.

States of being like love, appreciation, caring and kindness are reckoned to be some 5,000 times more electromagnetically powerful than hate, vindictiveness, resentment and such like. This is the real revolution from which all else will come in terms of the individual and collective experience that we call the 'world'.

The answer was, and is, never 'out there', but always 'in here'. The Control System will go on its destructive, suppressive way for a while yet, but the dye is cast, the story energetically written. Its end is coming and those still attached to its emotional power base will reap the consequences of being so.

It is not about punishment, or goodies and baddies. Just choice.

Well, it's 3.30 in the afternoon and my eyes are struggling to stay open once again. Time for another coma, I guess. What is going on?

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