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Friday, September 30, 2011


THE LAST WORD - Lawrence O'Donnell's commentary on Wall Street Protests (MSNBC)

"Occupy The Planet" by Anonymous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyp1n2WXUho


The Muslims Are Not The Enemy


Ananda Bosman Hadronic Mechanics & Entheogens.......where shamanism meets science and consciousness mates with the Omniverse's electromagnetic mutations)



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ahmadinejhad’s Address to the UN General Assembly


Nibiru, Elenin, 27th September, D U M B S, 9 Alignments, Denver Airport, Obama, Queen, Pope

A most curious video that captures a larger picture of what might be taking place - especially on Sept. 27th and also Dec. of 2012.  I don't believe there is audio on this video.  We'll all know more very soon as this window is nearly upon us.  ycStar*

Saturday, September 24, 2011

David Icke Newsletter, September 25th 2011


Hello all and greetings from 'Down Under',

It is more than 21 years now since I walked into the house of the psychic, Betty Shine, in March, 1990 and my world was turned asunder. Or, at least, it was soon going to be.

I was told that I would go out on a world stage to reveal great secrets - 'one man cannot change the world, but one man can communicate the message that can change the world', was one of Betty's lines for me that day.

I was utterly bewildered by it all. 'Me? I introduce the news and sport on television - what has all this got to do with me?' But something very deep and at the time unexplainable said 'go with it' and I have done so ever since as I have followed the synchronicity of life and the clues put before me. As a message through another psychic said at that the time:

'Arduous seeking is not necessary. The path is already mapped out. You only have to follow the clues ...We are guiding you along a set path.'

That is precisely how it has turned out to be. I have long since ceased to see my life as, well, a life. I see it as a job - something that I have come here to do. In a way, it's a bit like leaving home (wherever I 'came' from) to go to work and then returning 'home' when the job is done.

So when people say to me that I should have other things in my life besides what I do, I say, but I do have other things in my life, my eternity. What I am doing now is only a dot in that Infinity.

I don't 'come' from here, I come from forever. So do you, so does everyone and everything. I am just 'here' to do something and then I am going 'home' to forever. We all are.

Betty Shine and the book that led me to her two decades ago.
It is strange, really. Betty Shine talked about 'They' wanting to communicate with me and 'They' just called themselves 'We'. You would think that I would want to know - even be obsessed by wanting to know' - who 'They' are.

But I haven't been. It all felt just so right and that was enough for me. I go where the music takes me - the symphony of knowing - and the rest takes care of itself, although I think I am heading for a point where I will know who 'They' are and their relationship to me.

Something big-time is changing within me now. I am entering a new phase and my energy field is going through a very tangible transformation. It is hard to put words to this at the moment, but I am not the same 'person' that I was even six months ago.

My awareness is shifting and I think the best way I can describe it is that my point of attention, or observation, of this reality is moving - and moving fast. I feel less and less focussed on this 'world', or this range of frequencies that we call the world.

I seem to be 'in' this world less and less and observing the world from beyond its vibrational walls more and more. I guess this has to be if more advanced information is to be accessed and communicated, because the greater understanding of what is happening here does not exist within five-sense reality or anywhere vibrationally close.

You have to get 'out there' to access that - or remember that. Yes, remember. What we call 'insight' or 'inspired thought' is actually expanding your conscious awareness into those realms that hold that information and knowing. It is less insight and more remembering what, at that level of awareness, we already know.

'Oh yes, I am All That Is And Ever Can Be.'
I am sitting at a table writing this in a hotel on the Gold Coast in Queensland where I speak this weekend. I have not been drinking, but it sort of feels that way. I am 'here', but not 'here'. I can tap the keys, but most of my awareness is some 'place' else.

It is a strange feeling, but far from unpleasant.

I started to feel 'different' around the early part of the spring around the time I was on a speaking tour to Germany, Rome, Sweden and Denmark. Everything became calmer somehow and slower. There was no rush about anything - like I was suddenly operating in a different 'time'-line.

I returned home in mid-May and the next day I sat down to write a new book in the small 'window' I had before heading out here to Australia and then on to New Zealand, the United States and Europe.

I spent at least six days a week researching and writing for 15 hours a day while my son, Jaymie, brought me food in so I didn't have to stop. That concentrated focus over so many hours every day certainly made something shift in itself; but what is happening to me is more than that.

I finished the book in early August and was immediately faced with two legal cases coming together at the same moment. One meant spending a lot of time and money for a court hearing that didn't happen in the end because the other party who was paying nothing in legal fees asked for an adjournment.

A mystery and obviously wealthy donor that I don't know yet - but I will - suddenly came in to pay for very expensive London lawyers to represent this person. Why? What is in it for the funder except to damage me and what I do as much as possible?

The second case involved me going through a big box of papers and documents relating to events that happened ten years ago.

Both of the above meant that I had no time to rest between finishing the book and getting on the plane to Australia to start the most gruelling speaking tour of my life.

I felt cheated with my rest time taken from me and frustrated and disgusted by the motivations of the people involved. But that, too, is part of the journey.

What we call human emotions like anger, resentment, frustration and so on are like ballast bags on a hot air balloon. They stop you flying to heights that you otherwise could and, if you are going to get there, they have to be released.

August and early September was very difficult for me. I was consumed by the frustration and disgust at what those involved in the legal cases were seeking to do for their own bile and benefit. One in particular, I felt, had taken self-obsession, greed and vindictiveness to still new depths of the cesspit while claiming to be the opposite.

But they were emotions that I had carried and suppressed with regard to these people for a long time and what happened, and is still happening, brought them to the surface where they could be dealt with and released.

An exhausted and frustrated man boarded the plane for the 24 hour journey from London to Perth, Australia, last week, but in the days that followed something has shifted very profoundly.

It was no coincidence that this transformation within me that started in the spring should coincide at this time with suppressed emotions coming to the surface where I had to deal with them.

The experience also gave me personal insight into how low-vibrational emotion holds humanity in vibrational servitude to the Control System. How humans are energetically enslaved by negative emotion became so blatantly obvious.

What has changed is not the legal cases, which go on as before with conclusions in 2012. No, what has changed is my 'relationship' with them. I don't care any more. Wipe hands - whatever.

Both cases together have the potential to be a 'perfect storm' that cleans me out of everything - but, you know, I don't care. Whatever happens, I will get up and get on with it as I did when another guy in America almost brought my work to an end through his mega theft and by putting my books in his own name.

It is part of the 'deal', really. Those who seek to access ever more expanded knowledge have to constantly expand their awareness - and that means they must accept experiences and deeply unpleasant people coming into their lives to ensure that all remnants of emotional baggage are released to allow maximum expansion of awareness. The message said:

'Arduous seeking is not necessary. The path is already mapped out. You only have to follow the clues ...We are guiding you along a set path.'

'The path is already mapped out ... We are guiding you along a set path.' Yes, the path necessary to impart and access advanced awareness and knowledge and the path necessary to clear out the human programs inherited and absorbed that would get in the way of accessing advanced awareness and knowledge.

As another message through Betty Shine said in 1990: 'The spiritual way is tough and no one makes it easy.' This is why. The baggage and attachment to the illusions of five-sense reality have to go.

When I arrived in Perth just over two weeks ago, I had a whole new nine-hour presentation to put together in the days before the event last weekend and, apart from an hour eating each day, I spent my time moving between the computer and the pillow in a sequence that continued throughout the daylight hours and still does.

Just before the start in Perth with organiser, Adam Davies.
This was not jetlag. I know what that feels like from long experience. This was very different. I would sleep from early evening to often mid-morning and still be tired all day. So much so that I would work for an hour or so and sleep for an hour or so and then have the mega sleep at night.

My dreams were vivid and my sleeps were coma-like, and they still are. Something is going on.

The last time anything like this has happened before was when I was in India in 2008 and slept day and night for days. That, too, was preceded by great emotional challenge when my arthritis became so bad I could hardly function.

The only way I could move at Heathrow airport on the way out was to shuffle my feet along the, thankfully, polished stone floor of the new Terminal Five. I couldn't lift my feet off the ground. I sat waiting until all the passengers had boarded the plane so I didn't have to stand up for long in the queue.

I was wondering how I was going to cope for eight hours with the limited legroom of economy, but when I handed over my boarding pass the man told me that I had been selected for an upgrade to business class. This meant that I could lie flat for virtually the entire journey. I cried I was so relieved.

The challenges come, but always in the background there is a force watching over and looking out for you. Those that seek to harm me, exploit me and bring me down would do well to remember that, but they won't - to their long-term cost.

Another Betty Shine message in 1990 has proved to be accurate again and again: 'He will face enormous opposition, but we will always be there to protect him.' The last chap who tried to destroy me and my work in court realised this fact too late, but they never learn.

Greed and red mist are powerful suppressors of clear and sensible thought. They don't see it coming until it's here. Do they really think that an operation for human emancipation which has been so long planned and involves multiple dimensions of reality is going to be allowed to fail because of them? It's hilarious.

I woke up last Saturday before dawn for an early start to the Perth event and I still felt very tired, but also surreal. I was going through the 'physical' motions of getting washed and dressed, but 'I' was somewhere else.

I drifted through the preparation at the venue, still in a kind of daze, but once I began I had all the energy I needed out of 'nowhere'. More than that, everything was different. I had experienced nothing like it before in all the years of public presentations.

I have been feeling the energy at the events becoming more powerful and profound for quite a time now - the event in Los Angeles earlier this year was when I first realised that something was tangibly changing and moving on.

But Perth was beyond that. First of all I talked for nine hours and at the end it seemed like no more than two. Where had the day gone? I heard Adam Davies, the excellent organiser of the Australia/New Zealand tour, say to the audience how quickly the day had passed.

I thought 'too right, mate, I know what you mean'. What just happened?

On the stage I was aware of everything going on around me, the images on the screen and all that, but 'I' was somewhere else looking 'in'. This 'place' was beyond 'time and space' and that is why 'time' did not register in five-sense reality as it normally would.

I also went into the 'zone' before the start of the event and never came out until an hour or so afterwards. I was in that 'place' throughout and when people came into the dressing room to ask me if I needed anything they were 'there' in the sense that I was aware of them, but not 'there' in the sense that I could really interact very well.

The experience was strange to say the least, but amazing.

The sequence has repeated since the Perth event. Long coma-like sleeps at night and mini coma-like sleeps throughout the day with a very big event in the Gold Coast happening the day before you read this. It will be interesting to see what happens.

The legal cases hardly pass through my mind anymore and won't except in moments when I need to deal with them. I know that there are forces at work far greater than the Control System and certainly infinitely greater than those who wish to exploit me and bring me down via the courts.

Thus, they will take their cause and effect, just as the last guy did. No one is immune from that in five-sense reality - that is what these people forget to their eventual cost.

From the perspective of this new 'place', I can also see more clearly than ever that the Control System is coming down and that the mass awakening I was told was coming in 1990 is affecting ever more people ever more powerfully.

The energy in the theatres has been the same in such diverse places as Los Angeles, Germany, Rome, Sweden, Denmark and now Perth because those in the audience are tapping into, and therefore generating, the energy of human transformation - the Truth Vibrations, as I call them.

The collective energy field in the theatres is now incredible - reality changing way beyond the confines of the venue because that energy field is interacting with the Earth energy field.

I probably felt this more in Perth than ever before because the 'vibe' is gathering in strength and number, and this is going to energetically dismantle the Control System, which is constructed from fear, anger, resentment, vindictiveness, greed and other such emotions.

You will find all of those emotions in the legal system which is the means of imposing such motivated outcomes on your targets; but no such emotion could be found in that theatre in Perth last week and, without that, the Control System cannot survive.

States of being like love, appreciation, caring and kindness are reckoned to be some 5,000 times more electromagnetically powerful than hate, vindictiveness, resentment and such like. This is the real revolution from which all else will come in terms of the individual and collective experience that we call the 'world'.

The answer was, and is, never 'out there', but always 'in here'. The Control System will go on its destructive, suppressive way for a while yet, but the dye is cast, the story energetically written. Its end is coming and those still attached to its emotional power base will reap the consequences of being so.

It is not about punishment, or goodies and baddies. Just choice.

Well, it's 3.30 in the afternoon and my eyes are struggling to stay open once again. Time for another coma, I guess. What is going on?



Thursday, September 22, 2011


From: Fred Burks <fredburks@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 16:53:24 -0700
To: <gcforall@earthlink.net>
Subject: In the Know: Very exciting, intriguing information from one who claims to be an insider

Hey wonderful In the Know friends,

More very exciting information! Guido Jonkers is a great Internet friend and supporter who is the creator of the popular Dutch version of the WantToKnow.info website at WantToKnow.nl <http://WantToKnow.nl> . Yesterday he sent me the below link to a fascinating conversation with a guy who claims to be the pilot of one of a fleet of Earth-made interstellar spacecraft. We have no way of verifying this information, but reading through it, I very much resonated with what was said. Even if it is not true, some scenario like this easily could be. If what he claims is indeed true, the information he shares is most exciting and inspiring - a harbinger of powerful changes to come. Here's the link:


If nothing else, the conversation there alerted me to important information about an approaching ribbon or cloud of energy which scientists have confirmed has already entered our solar system and is causing unexplained changes. This could have incredible significance, yet I had not heard anything about this, even though it has been reported on many scientific websites. I did some research and found the excellent work of someone who has compiled lots of very convincing, verifiable evidence that something exciting like this is definitely happening. I invite you to visit the link below and read the essay there titled, "The Coming."


What wild and exciting stuff! And a good amount of this is actually verifiable using government and scientific websites! I'll be considering sending out only the best of this to our main email list at some point.

And for those following the Wilcock/Fulford interview on the strange earthquakes last month, David Wilcock has added the below addition to his interview underneath the full interview on his page at http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/975-undergroundbases. I'll sign off here, but leave you with Wilcock's words below, as they are hard to find on that very long webpage. Have a great one, and enjoy these most exciting times!

With sacred love, joy, and excitement . .  . . Fred 

David Wilcock with update on earthquakes


Nineteen years ago today, I stopped using all intoxicating substances... and never went back. I don't miss it. In much the same way, it would appear that a worldwide "addiction" is finally breaking -- and we won't miss it either.

The negative elite have hit bottom. What happens from here is anyone's guess, but let us all hope for a quick surrender so that more lives are not lost.

Unfortunately, their tendency has been NOT to surrender, and we cannot expect they will. Additional destruction may be required. There is evidence suggesting they are still planning further moves, as I will discuss.

I am happy to report that the highest-level intelligence sources we have on this subject have now informed us that NO radioactivity was detected in either of the destroyed areas.

What they DID find is now considered a baffling mystery. I acknowledge in advance that this seems difficult to believe. They have now concluded that both bases were destroyed by an instantaneous twenty-fold increase in air pressure.

Let me spell it out for you in plain terms. There is nothing left in either of these areas. Everything in them has been crushed to tiny particles of rubble. There is no point in ever trying to access them again or redevelop. The damage is total.

No one knows how such an event is even possible. There is no record of any attack like this ever having been done before within the insider world.

Fulford's sources seem very clear about who did this and why it was done. Nonetheless, this attack does not resemble any known terrestrial technology -- regardless of how classified it may be.


Therefore, this may have been an ET-assisted attack -- consistent with the China's October Surprise series I've been documenting here.

It may be that a massive quantity of air was "portaled" into either base. Portal technology does exist, but it certainly has never before been used like this -- and it's not even clear how it could be done.

It is also possible that some unknown technology was used to expand the size of the air molecules within the bases by a factor of twenty.

Russian "scalar" technology can make things get much hotter or much colder, and can create destructive impulses, but there is no record of anything like this ever having been achieved.


If ETs were responsible, and used advanced portal technology, it may also be that at least some, if not all of the personnel in these facilities were moved to a safe area before the attack was conducted.

If this is the case, none of them have been able to or allowed to make contact as of yet.

Explore the mind and heart expanding websites managed by the nonprofit PEERS network:www.peerservice.org <http://www.peerservice.org  - PEERS websites: Spreading inspiration, education, & empowerment.
www.momentoflove.org <http://www.momentoflove.org  - Every person in the world has a heartwww.personalgrowthcourses.net <http://www.personalgrowthcourses.net  - Dynamic online courses powerfully expand your horizonswww.WantToKnow.info <http://www.WantToKnow.info  - Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups www.weboflove.org <http://www.weboflove.org  - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all.

Dear Stephanie,
Lately I have counseled several people who were quite discouraged (removed from their courage) by the greed, violence, and destruction going down on the planet these days. Depression currently exists in epidemic proportions and many of us have lost our hope and vision for humanity.
I have not.

I have discovered something that gets me bouncing me out of bed in the morning without a need for caffeine and fills me with joy and enthusiasm all day long. It's a safe and natural alternative to Prozac. It gets me up, inspired and ready for action, 24/7. Its potency is off the charts, and now so is mine.

It's not a pill, however. It's a point of view.

My point of perception is that I am an honorable member of God's Reconstruction Team, here on a lifelong mission to penetrate the world with love. That's my viewpoint, and I'm sticking to it. I used to worry that it was arrogant, and that I was suffering from delusions of grandeur. Then I immersed myself in the study of Science of Mind, which points out, ". . . the greatest treasures are paid out when we let go and trust in the law of good."

Now I understand that I am actually recovering from delusions of impotence!

In my younger days I lived in a section of town by a well-traveled road. One winter day we experienced an unexpected and unusual snow storm; the cars right outside my home were gridlocked for many hours, not moving an inch. This was before the days of cell phones and laptops, and the drivers had plenty of time on their hands. I left the shelter of my house to observe the variety of responses to their situation. Some spent the entire time grumbling their grievances, stressing the stress of their missed appointments, clutching their powerless steering wheels, never accepting, and always at war with their predicament. Others surrendered, getting out of their cars to meet their new neighbors, making the best of things, laughing together at their shared helplessness. Children got out and played in the snow - a treasured playground.

A few people went from car to car to take orders for coffee and snacks. They braved the elements to walk an eighth of a mile up the road to the 7/11, and then graciously delivered the goods to their fellow stranded motorists. I noticed the ones choosing to serve were enthusiastic and happy. The external temperature didn't bring down their internal thermometer. They got it up for life, radiating the warmth of their love, and dispelling the frigidity around them.

The day the Twin Towers went down I was glued to the television, like so many of us, trembling and weeping for our world. Later in the afternoon I wrenched myself away from the small screen and tried to tune into the bigger picture.

After some moments in the silence I heard my inner guidance say, "This event is an evolutionary quickening, bringing about an increase of both the dark and the light. Be of good courage. You came here for these times. Despite the tumult, the choice before everyone remains abundantly simple and abundantly clear: love or fear. The media will mostly report and distort the reasons to fear, supplying the drugs for those with an adrenaline habit.

Don't go there, and don't curse those who still believe that attack will make them safe. Light your candle and find others who are illuminating the earth with love. Focus on the building of a new consciousness and a new world, even as the old one stumbles and falls. Be a stand for personal and planetary healing and you will live in the warmth of your loving, no matter how frigid the climate around you."

This is not summer vacation time on classroom earth. The curriculum is demanding, the lessons intense. The most fearful and aggressive people seem to have the most power. Certainly they have the most volume, being given a large megaphone by the media.

Is cheerfulness synonymous with denial these days? Are hope and optimism opiates for those with a lack of intelligence and an abundance of naiveté? Will the meek really inherit the earth, and if so, where are they hiding? Johnny Mathis once recorded a ballad called "Choose Love" - was he delivering a bigger message?

Humanity is at a fork in the road. What will we choose as a species? We've got some pretty big toys that can blow each other up in an afternoon. If we don't raise our emotional maturity to match our advances in technology we might not be around much longer. Everybody on earth is aware of that on some level. We know the stakes are high.

It's easy to lose heart, or to close the heart to protect it from the rawness of grief and pain. But as Yoda said to Anakin in the last Star Wars movie, "The fear of loss is a sure path to the dark side." Anakin's refusal to experience loss and face his grief led to the construction of Darth Vader: a black mask and armoring around his true self.

Take heart, fellow Jedi's. It's an honor to serve, and even our tears are a part of our contribution, so long as they do not come from believing we are powerless. Let's revel in what we can do. We can do small things with great love each day, letting go of any attachment to an outcome. Was Martin Luther King discouraged because he might not see his dream manifest in his lifetime? I don't think so. Planting the seeds and growing a dream is fulfilling in and of itself.

It is a joy to serve God, but it is very stressful to play God.

I'm sure you've all heard the story of a man who encounters a lady on the beach. She is picking up starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean after a storm had dumped hundreds of them onto the shore. Her behavior is disturbing to him, as it holds up a mirror to his feelings of impotency. "Look around you. How can you feel what you're doing matters, saving just a few, in the face of such overwhelming tragedy?" "It mattered to that one," she replies as she happily tosses another starfish into the sea.

To curse the darkness when you could be lighting a candle (or saving a starfish) is quite a waste of vital life energy. To put it bluntly, it's time for all of us to get it up - for God, each other, and our planet. It may be our darkest hour, but some of us can see dawn coming, and there's definitely something beautiful on the horizon - a new world waiting to be conceived and birthed. Your heat, your potency, your hands and heart are needed. And it is quite a pleasure to serve.


I know that there is One Infinite Power, One Spirit, and One Life. That life
is right within me now; I am intimately connected to spirit's power, and I
can use it by setting my intentions with care and consciousness.

This universe responds to me in kind, so I am always mindful of how I'm
thinking about myself, about other people, about everything! I choose to
think in ways that support the kind of world I desire. I think in ways that
nurture and support me while establishing a new compassion and Light in the
world. My actions welcome more love, rather than shutting it out. All exchanges
and relationships with others expands universal consciousness, rather than snuffing
out the light. All my exchanges create a greater embodiment of Oneness for all mankind.
 I know that what I pay attention to, I become. So I make sure that I am attending
to whatever it is I want to increase in my life.

Whenever I notice myself thinking and choosing in ways that support  littleness,
that support restriction, I stop and think again. I can choose how to think, and I do
this right now by setting a clear and powerful intention, powered by the spiritual laws
of this universe, that I am always at the helm of my life, always choosing nurturing
and supportive ways of thought, word, and deed. And the natural result is a life that
is supportive, supplied, and absolutely wonderful. I give thanks for this inherent power that is in me and in all beings. And I let it unfold with grace and gratitude.
And so it is.
Reverend Angela Peregoff

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Weaponized World - Dr. Rima Labow informs us of how our DNA is fundamentally changed since Fukushima - This is essential Information.



It needs to be known that I don't stand for this cause or website (see my previous post) which came from them..... I am someone who is seeking the truth and am not for supporting any country or person that does harm to another - therefore I do not align with this organization....... http://www.youtube.com/user/EmergencyCoalition  ycStar*




"Yo team! late-breaking ancient rapid self-assembling news:
Equinoctial Trickster High Tea Council
astro*mytho*politico*Talk on Sunday September 25th
3 pm gather and settle in by
3:30 pm

when Caroline W.Casey unfurls her talk-
the Guiding Meta-Story of Now
as this talk will be recorded for broadcast, please to be on time, so we can all take off together on Magic Carpet)
$20 (and a tip jar!)

and feel free to bring things to share at tea after talk...

We gather on Sunday, experiment experiment, as this is the day when Venus re-emerges from the Underworld, and we with her.

Finding the Right Story to Ride!
in this wild tide of apocalyptic hoo-haw, as we connect our small finite story to an Infinite story, aka a true fairy tale
While gathering our Fall Woof, replenishing enthusiasm, metaphoric agility, prismatic perspective, and strategy whereby to be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation at this Time of Dire Beauty!

Please respond to this e-mail, if you're magnetized to come, so we can divine the numbers, chairs, pillows on floor, quantity of chai, how cozy or vast the gathering wants to be!"

6304 30th St.NW
Washington, DC 20015
phone 202-363-9343
-in the cul-de-sac of 30th St. near Tennyson St.,NW-
please do not park in the cul-de-sac


Will global financial markets reach a breaking point during the month of October?  Right now there are all kinds of signs that the financial world is about to experience a nervous breakdown.  Massive amounts of investor money is being pulled out of the stock market and mammoth bets are being made against the S&P 500 in October.  The European debt crisis continues to grow even worse and weird financial moves are being made all over the globe.  Does all of this unusual activity indicate that something big is about to happen?  Let’s hope not.  But historically, the biggest stock market crashes have tended to happen in the fall.  So are we on the verge of a “Black October”? The following are 21 signs that something big is about to happen in the financial world and that global financial markets are on the verge of a nervous breakdown….
#1 We are seeing an amazing number of bets against the S&P 500 right now.  According to CNN, the number of bets against the S&P 500 rose to the highest level in a year last month.  But that was nothing compared to what we are seeing for October.  The number of bets against the S&P 500 for the month of October is absolutely astounding.  Somebody is going to make a monstrous amount of money if there is a stock market crash next month.
#2 Investors are pulling a huge amount of money out of stocks right now.  Do they know something that we don’t?  The following is from a report in the Financial Post….
Investors have pulled more money from U.S. equity funds since the end of April than in the five months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., adding to the $2.1 trillion rout in American stocks.
About $75 billion was withdrawn from funds that focus on shares during the past four months, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from the Investment Company Institute, a Washington-based trade group, and EPFR Global, a research firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Outflows totaled $72.8 billion from October 2008 through February 2009, following Lehman’s bankruptcy, the data show.
#3 Siemens has pulled more than half a billion euros out of two major French banks and has moved that money to the European Central Bank.  Do they know something or are they just getting nervous?
#4 On Monday, Standard & Poor’s cut Italy’s credit rating from A+ to A.
#5 The European Central Bank is purchasing even more Italian and Spanish bonds in an attempt to cool down the burgeoning financial crisis in Europe.
#6 The Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank have announced that they are going to make available an “unlimited” amount of money to European commercial banks in October, November and December.
#7 So far this year, the largest bank in Italy has lost over half of its value and the second largest bank in Italy is down 44 percent.
#8 Angela Merkel’s coalition is getting embarrassed in local elections in Germany.  A recent poll found that an astounding 82 percent of all Germans believe that her government is doing a bad job of handling the crisis in Greece.  Right now, public opinion in Germany is very negative toward the bailouts, and that is really bad news for Greece.
#9 Greece is experiencing a full-blown economic collapse at this point.  Just consider the following statistics from a recent editorial in the Guardian….
Consider first the scale of the crisis. After contracting in 2009 and 2010, GDP fell by a further 7.3% in the second quarter of 2011. Unemployment is approaching 900,000 and is projected to exceed 1.2 million, in a population of 11 million. These are figures reminiscent of the Great Depression of the 1930s.
#10 In 2009, Greece had a debt to GDP ratio of about 115%.  Today, Greece has a debt to GDP ratio of about 160%.  All of the austerity that has been imposed upon them has done nothing to solve their long-term problems.
#11 The yield on 1 year Greek bonds is now over 129 percent.  A year ago the yield on those bonds was under 10 percent.
#12 Greek Deputy Finance Minister Filippos Sachinidis says that Greece only has enough cash to continue operating until next month.
#13 Italy now has a debt to GDP ratio of about 120% and their economy is far, far larger than the economy of Greece.
#14 The yield on 2 year Portuguese bonds is now over 17 percent.  A year ago the yield on those bonds was about 4 percent.
#15 China seems to be concerned about the stability of European banks.  The following is from a recent Reuters report….
A big market-making state bank in China’s onshore foreign exchange market has stopped foreign exchange forwards and swaps trading with several European banks due to the unfolding debt crisis in Europe, two sources told Reuters on Tuesday.
#16 European central banks are now buying more gold than they are selling.  This is the first time that has happened in more than 20 years.
#17 The chief economist at the IMF says that the global economy has entered a “dangerous new phase“.
#18 Israel has dumped 46 percent of its U.S. Treasuries and Russia has dumped 95 percent of its U.S. Treasuries.  Do they know something that we don’t?
#19 World financial markets are expecting that the Federal Reserve will announce a new bond-buying plan this week that will be designed to push long-term interest rates lower.
#20 If some wealthy investors believe that the Obama tax plan has a chance of getting through Congress, they may start dumping stocks before the end of this year in order to avoid getting taxed at a much higher rate in 2012.
#21 According to a study that was recently released by Merrill Lynch, the U.S. economy has an 80% chance of going into another recession.
When financial markets get really jumpy like this, all it takes is one really big spark to set the dominoes in motion.
Hopefully nothing really big will happen in October.
Hopefully global financial markets will not experience a nervous breakdown.
But right now things look a little bit more like 2008 every single day.
None of the problems that caused the financial crisis of 2008 have been fixed, and the world financial system is more vulnerable today than it ever has been since the end of World War II.
As I wrote about yesterday, the U.S. economy has never really recovered from the last financial crisis.
If we see another major financial crash in the coming months, the consequences would be absolutely devastating.
We have been softened up and we are ready for the knockout blow.
Let’s just hope that the financial world can keep it together.
We don’t need more economic pain right about now.

Eyes To The Skies Because NASA Satellite Falls to Earth - Probably Sept 23rd ......Somewhere !

The bus-sized, 6.5-ton UARS satellite can fall anywhere between 57 degrees north latitude to 57 degrees south latitude where most of Earth's humanity lives. NASA and the U.S. Strategic Command at California's Vandenberg AFB say they can't give satellite's point of impact within about 6,000 miles (10,000 km) until only two hours before re-entry due to its unpredictable nature.

As of Sept. 21, 2011, the orbit of UARS was 120 mi by 130 mi
(195 km by 210 km). Re-entry is expected Friday, September 23rd, North America time. It is still too early to predict when and where the many pieces of the UARS satellite will fall on Earth.
UARS was originally launched in 1991 and was decommissioned in 2005 after completing its mission. The satellite measured chemical compounds found in the ozone layer, stratospheric wind and temperatures and solar energy reaching Earth. Graphic by NA

Gold - China's End Game?

 This is a brilliant strategy and one that has longevity and maintance built right into it.
You just got to know that no matter what, the Chinese will figure out a way to be ahead when the rest of the world is scratching its head.....


The image of the Denver Airport from above is very revealing as well.....


Navigating the Coming Chaos: Carolyn Baker Vermont Tour 2011


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Comet Elenin's Nephews and Amateur Two Suns Reports - Yowradio:

Your Own World Radio With Marshall Masters

PANEL: Ed Douglas, Larry Hyde and Richard Shaw

Elenin is a cluster comet and from the outset, observations shown the core to be surrounded by others objects and or fragments following the same trajectory.   has never been imaged to date is the nucleus of the comet itself, which is still largely intact, as shown in the latest imagery. However, the mystery remains.

However, what we know via mainstream media reports, is that two space-based solar observatories, Stereo B and SOHO are being deployed (off mission) to observe this "wimpy" comet, as NASA likes to call it.  Meanwhile, Earth passes through the Elenin's dust tail this coming November and there is a strong likelihood the International Space Station (ISS) will be  de-manned by then, if not sooner.

Given the public concern recently displayed in Arizona, California and Nevada by a bolides streaking through the skies on 14-Sep, we need to wonder if this blazing meteor is a small sample of what is to come, when Earth encounters Elenin's "Nephews" as described by Hopi Prophecy.

Another matter of concern is the recent uptick in amateur two suns reports appearing on Youtube.com and other web sites.  Similar reports from countries like Russia and China are now being reported by their media.

Since 2007,  there  has seen a concerted effort to desensitize the public, with hoax images and videos. The result is that most amateur two suns reports on Youtube.com, seldom receive more than 200 views. For this reason, the big question the panel will address is why this disinformation strategy is so successful?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama authorizes stationing of Japanese troops on US soil - Benjamin Fulford

Here is today's download from Benjamin in full.....

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order allowing 2500 elite Japanese soldiers to be stationed on US soil, according to a Japanese military intelligence agent. The Japanese self-defense forces have been authorized by Obama to use force if necessary to defend Japanese corporate interests on US soil, the source says. The move was made in anticipation of severe rioting and turmoil in the US over the coming months, he said.
Meanwhile, 87 nations have now agreed to participate in the launch of the new financial system, according to three highly placed White Dragon agents. In addition, both the US and Russian military and law enforcement apparati have agreed to support the new financial system, according to the agents.
There were disinformation reports out that a European financial meeting this last weekend was a follow-up to the Monaco meeting. This is not true. The meeting in Europe was held by members of the old cabal who were trying to somehow keep their fiat currencies from imploding. Any serious financial journalist or expert though, must have been appalled by US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner telling the Europeans to “increase leverage,” in order to solve their economic crisis. This is like telling an underwater gambling addict to start doubling his bets.
The fact of the matter is the Europeans know the Greeks and other Mediterranean countries were mooching off their hard working Northern cousins and they must now stop it. A new Mediterranean currency is what they really need.
However, there have been serious developments in the move towards a new financial system. Soon all financial trading programs or “platforms” will the shut down for an indeterminate period of time. The aim of this shut-down is to totally clean out and revamp the system. The amount of time needed to clean up the mess is not known.
The tentative date for this shut down has been set at November 11, 2011 (2011/11/11) but as with many dates that have come and gone, the financial cabal will do everything in its power to prevent that from happening.
For example, George Bushes Sr. and Jr. together with their hatchet man James Baker have been trying to arrange the assassination of White Dragon agents, including this writer, according to US agency sources.
In Japan, their top operative is now Mossad agent Michael Green. Green previously slandered this writer by telling very dangerous Japanese and Chinese operators that I was a speed addict who liked to beat women. Green is now behind a group that is threatening Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa and Deputy governor Hirohide Yamaguchi. Green is no longer welcome in Japan.
The gangsters sub-contracing for Green have been warned the Japanese police authorities as well as international law enforcement agencies will be given detailed evidence linking them to the murder of Japanese politician Koki Ishii in 2002. The evidence includes a letter written by the man who is now serving prison time for having stabbed Ishii to death. If given to the police authorities it would allow them to place collective blame on the gang leadership.
The main Japanese gangs, the Yamaguchi Gumi, the Inagawa Kai and the Sumiyoshi Kai have all been asked to stop sub-contracting for genocidal Sabbatean gangsters. Instead they have been offered an opportunity to formally take on their now informal rule as Japanese intelligence operatives.
The Japanese politicians who can be linked to the murder of Ishii include Naoto Kan (until recently Prime Minister), ruling Democratic power broker Ichiro Ozawa, former Prime Ministers Yasuhiro Nakasone and Junichiro Koizumi among many others, according to multiple witnesses.
The Japanese right wingers have also been notified that Sabbatean gangsters have infiltrated the Imperial Household agency and are preventing the emperor from acting on behalf of the Japanese people. One of the most treasonous agencies in Japan is the Mitsubishi banking group. This bank is going to be broken up and liquidated once the new financial system starts, according to Japanese military intelligence.
The Japanese nationalist have also been told that White Dragon Society member Neil Keenan is the nephew of both Tokyo war crimes Prosecutor Joseph Keenan and General MacArthur aide General George Keenan. Joseph and George Keenan were involved in the Keenan fund. The Keenan fund was used for clandestine operations aimed at preventing Emperor Hirohito from being prosecuted for war crimes. Keenan also argued that if Japanese “A” class war criminals should be prosecuted then so should the people behind the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For this and other reasons, Keenan is seen as a hero amongst the Japanese nationalists.
Research into the Keenan fund has also revealed more of the hidden history of World War two. In particular, it turns out that General Tomoyuki Yamashita, of the famous Yamashita gold treasure, was the son of General Arthur MacArthur by a Japanese mother. This made him a half-brother to General Douglas MacArthur. It also turns out that although Yamashita was supposedly executed for war crimes, in fact he was spirited away to the Philippines. He lived there until the age of 92 in a luxurious compound surrounded by 16 foot walls. Nobody near the compound was allowed to build a building higher than the wall, according to the White Dragon agents.
The same sources provided new information about World War 2. They said one of the main reasons for the war was to maintain control of the global financial system in the hands of a small cabal. To do this, they needed to capture most of the world’s gold supply that was not already in their hands and take it off market. Many Jews in Europe were persecuted because they refused to relinquish their own personal gold supplies.
Much of the confiscated gold remains in tunnels near the city of Matsumoto, Japan as well as in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. It has yet to be returned to its rightful owners.
In a related move, the Saudis and the Thai Royal family are now working with the Yamaguchi Gumi to sell “black-listed” Thai gold to the Chinese. As already mentioned Libya was invaded because it was refusing to trade oil for currencies like Euros and dollars that were not backed by gold.
Fortunately, however, we are hearing the Paraguayan and South American land bought by the Bushes and other cabal members with stolen gold will be confiscated. Their illegal Australian investments will also be liquidated and the funds will be returned to the Australian people. Similar moves are expected worldwide as the cabal’s illegal control network is dismantled.


This video is over 2 hours long so find a time when you can view it.  The beginning is worth watching just for it's powerful effect - don't miss this one.  ycStar*
This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" by Peter Joseph. [subtitles ADDED!] On Jan. 15th, 2011, "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history. This is a non-commercial work and is available online for free viewing and no restrictions apply to uploading/download/posting/linking - as long as no money is exchanged. A Free DVD Torrent of the full 2 hr and 42 min film in 30 languages is also made available through the main website [below], with instructions on how one can download and burn the movie to DVD themselves. His other films are also freely available in this format.
Website: http://www.zeitgeistmovingforward.com - http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com
A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport. - Read On...... http://nieuwsbreker.punt.nl/?id=640221&r=1&tbl_archief


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here's hoping you can watch this video.....you may have to be a member...

This update is from the day after David Wilcock published the Fulford interview about underground bases and their destruction....

I heard from another insider this morning who has a variety of contacts with intelligence agency personnel, central bankers, military officials, et cetera.
He specializes in trying to get free energy out to the public.
He hadn't even read this article or was aware that I had interviewed Fulford. Yet, the material was the same -- but with new updates.
The news from this insider, directly connected to the so-called "Pentagon White Hats," is extremely positive -- if indeed true.

Just two days ago, this same international alliance of 80 countries had another very important meeting in Poland.
Apparently, Timothy Geithner heard about the meeting and appeared there in person, but he was denied entry.
This came from a top Marine who was at the meeting and is overseeing the financial reconstruction efforts.
Undoubtedly, more information will emerge about this from Fulford, as of Monday morning, if it did indeed happen.

These top Pentagon sources have also said that "about 4000" of the people working on the inside for the cabal, behind the scenes, have already been arrested.
It was not indicated where they have been taken, except that it is a very remote location -- offering no chance for escape.

There have been critical nuclear attacks against underground cities and sub-shuttle systems.
The mass arrests have already begun, aggressively -- but they are still "below the radar".
As a result of these events, we are told the cabal has now formally agreed to surrender.

Even in the midst of their surrender, they are still trying to push some of their goals forward.
Nonetheless, at this point it seems like a desperate act of futility -- like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
This key insider told me that three different people "at the top of the system" have confirmed that the cabal is giving up.
He confirms that once all of this goes public, it will be an incredible historic event -- greatly relieving fear on Earth.
His time window is within a month. An independent source said it could be within two months. Fulford says it might not be until next summer.
No one really knows -- but when this does happen, it will be one of the single greatest moments in human history.
I have had well over 100 different prophetic dreams in the last few years that were telling me this was going to happen.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


And here our chassy that we rode in to watch the burn....


Ananda M. Bosman Interviewed By Korinna A. Müller 1/5

Visionary Artist
Visionary Musician
Semantic Artist
Ultraterrestrial ‘Contactee’
Here's his website:  http://www.aton432hz.info/
Ananda speculates that another solar system is merging with our own.
While there is no real way to know if what he says is true, he does seem to command the knowledge and has quite a following and is someone to track to see if what he understands is a new way of viewing reality.  Whether it's true or not - he IS fascinating. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is very long but well worth it's read and especially as you near the end, therefore I suggest you take your time and just read when you can so that you allow the information in. While I cannot say this is fact or fiction - I can say it is worth reading and digesting and deciding for yourself.

Christopher OV Admin

The Magnetic Pole Shift Is Coming...And More....By Georgi Stankov.

ED. NOTE: CAVEAT LECTOR - The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Exopolitics.com. Thank you.

The Magnetic Pole Shift is coming in this Fall as Part of Earth's Ascension

North Pole Will Move to Siberia. South Pole Will Move to South America and Africa

Moon Will be Removed From Earth's Orbit

by Georgi Stankov, 12 September 2011, Copyright 2011


The Spiritual Dimension of the Coming Catastrophic Events of Ascension

In my last article on "Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation" I explained the role of this artificial celestial body in conjunction with the split of the two earths - the ascending earth A and the remaining catastrophic earth B when the star portal 11.11.11 will be opened in two months from now.

Given the acceleration of linear time and its collapse after this star portal will be opened, this is the most imminent and dramatic physical event, which is awaiting humanity this year. I say deliberately "physical" as this shift will be inevitably associated with some huge natural catastrophes and the retrieval of many incarnated human entities, whose soul contracts will terminate at that time, to the 5th dimension, known as Celestria in the esoteric literature. These events are also part of the current Ascension process. From my perspective, however, the most important event will still be the First Wave of Ascended human Masters as announced in my last article, which will take place in a timely and energetically coordinated fashion with the magnetic pole shift - the topic of the present article.

Here we encounter two approaches to the upcoming events, which I would like to discuss in advance from a cognitive and psychological point of view, as they encompass the most crucial aspect of the current End Times:

 How humans perceive their rapidly changing reality and how they respond to it in a meaningful and fearless manner?

It is a common place in esotericism that we are all Creators of our destiny. In fact, this simple truth has been neglected for eons of time on this toxic planet by all humans under the enslavement  of the Power To Be from the Orion Empire, which made them believe in the first place that they are frail, vulnerable, mortal biological species.

The vast majority of humans beings on earth still lives in a deep slumber and in total neglect of the fact that they are immortal multidimensional beings and sovereign creators (masters) of their reality. They do not realize that they shape their destiny through their thoughts, emotions, and above all, through their infinite, deeply disguised fear based patterns and beliefs, which they never really question or challenge. This hidden "dark energy" that all  incarnated human beings carry deep in their physical vessel creates  their personality, or rather ego, and their environment. It is the clandestine driving force that feeds in an effective and rather insidious manner their perennial self-preservatory reactions, with which they waste their whole linear time on earth.

Humans believe that they must act or respond all the time to alleged dangers at the individual or collective level in order to survive. Should they truly realize that they are immortal souls in a physical vessel, they should be aware in a profound existential manner of the fact that they do not need to do anything to survive, but only to dissolve and transmute their hallucinatory fears, and cosmic abundance will be automatically available to them.

I am discussing this aspect extensively at the beginning, as this will be the borderline, along which the wheat will be separated from the chuff in the End Times prior to Ascension. Those people who glance fearfully in a dark future, will experience this kind of future. They will act in a frenetic way to the coming cataclysmic events, as they now react with respect to  Elenin, in the illusionary hope that this will guarantee their survival. However, they will reap the opposite effect, because the energies that are sweeping over earth in these days will no longer tolerate such a fearful attitude,

Those who remain relaxed and substitute fear with true knowledge - and true knowledge can only be of scientific origin, please remember this once and for all  -  will soon experience the bliss of the harmonious energies of Ascension. These two mind-sets or, let us say, existential strategies will be in the core of the coming transformation to Ascension of humanity and the catastrophic events that will inevitably be associated with these processes. 

This observation may seem self-evident at first glance to most light workers, who consider themselves to be enlightened beings, but I have repeatedly made the experience that very few of them are really implementing this basic esoteric truth in their everyday life and in their perception and evaluation of spiritual or factual information. Most of the time, they are so overwhelmed by the tides of exponentially growing information from the higher realms that their minds and senses seem to be totally anaesthetised in the current End Times. In such a confused mental atmosphere  true discernment is a rare virtue.  

After my last article on comet Elenin was distributed in Internet, I made an effort to read very carefully most of the comments in different websites and blogs and I came to the following conclusion: The emotional and intellectual response of all readers can be put principally into two  groups, depending on the level of their basic fears and how they dominate their personality and weltanschauung:

1) The group of the fearful, associated with such emotional and intellectual reactions as rejection, indignation, perpetuation of past beliefs, overt panic, and lack of understanding of the true message of the article - the promised Ascension of humanity to Heaven.

2) The second group of enlightened readers, as revealed in many emails to me, express their deep relief to have been confirmed by my article in their intuitive feelings and visions of the future and are thankful for the optimistic perspective, I have outlined.

This is the psychological borderline along which humanity will split in two timelines in the fall of this year - Ascension and the Mad Max movie version on the remaining catastrophic earth. The feelings and the reactions of these two groups will shape the destiny, they will very soon experience. I am making here a dispassionate observation and would like to express my deep aspiration that all humans should find themselves in the second group. This is the actual motivation to write this or any other article on the End Times. All individual experience will, however, depend from now on entirely on the individual weltanschauung.

I use deliberately this German word, which has become  part of the English language, because it contains much more information than the equivalent English word "view of the world". It includes numerous cultural, familiar, political, emotional, and soul aspects of the incarnated entity, which go beyond this superficial English word. The current Anglo-Saxon view of the world is negatively tainted by the underpinning empirical approach and attitude of this cultural region, which has influenced the rest of the world in the last century, with the notable exception of some pockets of human enlightenment. This is a leitmotif in all my books and publications.

Exactly this superficial, unreflected empirical approach to life that is so inherent to all esoteric discussions in English in Internet -  a fact, about which all participants are fully unaware - represents this fundamentally flawed, three-dimensional, linear weltanschauung of the vast majority of human beings on earth, which runs contrary to  the multidimensional Nature of All-That- Is that is bound to be established on this planet very soon. Hence their systemic ignorance on how Nature operates - be they comets of magnetic pole shifts. This is the spiritual fulcrum, from which I will discuss the magnetic pole shift and its consequences for mankind below.

Let us begin with the basic facts: All-That-Is is Energy - high frequency energies, and these energies are already engulfing Gaia and its human population. They will significantly increase  in the coming months of this year. As these energies are the pristine source of Creation of any reality whatsoever, they will sweep away not only the current collective materialistic weltanschauung of mankind, but parallel to it all  social, political, economic, financial, and many material structures that support this hallucinatory view of the world. In other words, there will be a lot of destruction in the coming days and months. This is inevitable. You cannot create a new world, unless you have destroyed the old one.

What I want to relay in this introduction is that you cannot separate the cosmic and planetary changes from the inner changes in your four bodies - emotional, mental, physical and ethereal. In other words, you cannot have the light body process, on the one hand, heaving you to the 5th dimension of Heaven and then discuss the coming of comet Elenin or the shift of the two timelines of earth at 11.11.11 in the old fearful manner,  based on outdated external concepts and false linear causal relationships, as most  of the people are doing these days in Internet. In this way, they simply perpetuate their past reality that is doomed to disappear by the end of  this year and will inevitably become victims of their ignorance and inability of self-reflection.

Let me illustrate this sober conclusion with a recent concrete example. I am in contact with somebody, who is very active in Internet in finding out the truth about Elenin. I will call him simply "Joe", as this is the most common name in English. Joe`s  blog is full of articles and comments on comet Elenin, since this comet became known. Thus, he is contributing with an innocent heart  to the overall confusion that reigns in Internet. Take now all six-pack Joes, who are chatting with great compassion in Internet and multiply their personal confusion and you will get the full picture of the current cacophony on this planet.

After Joe read my last article on comet Elenin, he complained that I have been too scientific in my presentation, although I deliberately stayed at lowest possible level of popular scientific journalism: " Why can't you write more simply?" he scolded me in a state of total exasperation, recognizing that his past efforts to find the truth about Elenin are rapidly vanishing in front of my information. "I thought that the comet Elenin is dissolving. This and that person are saying this. How could it be a Mother ship of the Galactic Federation at the same time?" 

I hope that the reader begins to discern not only Joe`s dilemma, but everyone`s dilemma today, when one does not have the faintest idea of science and logical systematic thinking. I cannot cease to repeat again and again that  the current intellectual situation in the esoteric Vanity fair around Internet is so mind-boggling and appalling, that it is the most simple thing for the dark Cabal to disseminate conflicting news and to stir confusion in the New Age community, which has already come in the ages, while a new and more mindful generation is still not in sight.

Now back to our six-pack Joe. "Dear Joe",  I responded to him in my email: "Why should Elenin dissolve in the first place, when  it is a 5th dimensional mother ship and exists beyond the visible electromagnetic spectrum? Such systems cannot be perceived by any astronomical instruments. Your whole excitement about comet Elenin vanishing from the radar is absolutely futile, as it has never been on the radar in the first place, just as your soul, which is of the same energy, is obviously also not on your inner radar. I have made so much effort to explain in popular terms, why any astronomical data rendered by the Cabal on Elenin simply misses the point, as all initial events that shape the destiny of Gaia and humanity in the End Times are in the higher frequency spectrum beyond electromagnetism and thus cannot be registered with material instruments. These high frequency energies or objects are not part of the linear 3d-reality of the current material earth and can only be perceived by the inner senses and with an expanded human consciousness".

Now I know that most of my readers are fairly aware of these basic energetic facts, which build the foundation of the new transcendental physics of the Universal Law and do not need this kind of education. But one is always surprised to find, how many people, who intermingle in the light workers' scene, make incessantly these fundamental cognitive and intellectual blunders in their discussions and  disseminate their fearful objections to any kind of enlightened and informative journalism. The latter is, by the way, a rarity these days. These six-pack Joes come always with the standard reproach: "You are too scientific and intellectual. Why can't you explain it more simply!"

And here is my response: "Dear Joe. I have never heard of anybody who has been hurt by a modest intellectual effort, but I know many other activities on earth that harm human beings much more badly - for instance the two wars of your country that ravage the Near East  and Asia. While you are so indignant about being put under some intellectual stress by a popular scientific article on your favourite topic Comet Elenin, why have you not written during all these years a single moral condemnation on your blog of the two wars of your country in Iraq and Afghanistan that have caused the death,  impoverishment, and displacement of millions of people".

Dear light workers, let me be clear on one issue: Your New Age movement is not a mother ship of the Galactic Federation that has fully decoupled from earth-bound human tragedies. While you are so overwhelmed by the few victims in natural catastrophes and send them loving energies, you have totally neglected the human tragedies the world over and are doing nothing to end them - first and foremost in your country - be it the USA or Great Britain, the citadels of the dark Cabal.  Where are your demonstrations, where is your collective indignation? Not even in your writings -  in the void of any feasible deeds of social courage. Read your own true or falsified channeled messages, and you will not find a single word of compassion for those, who are suffering worldwide the unjust world order imposed by your Anglo-Saxon empirialism.

The current intellectual, moral, spiritual, and ethical confusion is indeed overwhelming in these last days prior to Ascension, and I will  better stop with my "j'accuse" at this place, as  my initial intention was to inform you about the coming magnetic pole shift that will cause the death of many heartless people.  At the same time, it will transcend the vast majority of humanity in the 5th dimension.

No Evolution and Ascension Without Destruction

There is no positive change on earth without destruction. In the famous Goethe`s "Faust", probably the best piece of world literature, Mephisto (the Devil) presents himself to Faust as the world destructive force, which in a dialectical manner always creates something good. This is the famous duality on this planet. Hence the need for dark forces, most of which are in human disguise, but not as reptilian shape-shifters, as you may suspect, but as normal human beings.

The many catastrophes that will come in this fall will push all people to start thinking for the first time in their life in an effective and clear manner, because humans only start thinking, when their lives are in danger. The rest of the time they are living in a deep slumber. The most important question, they will have to answer in the coming months of Tribulations will be: Why any energetic changes within their bodes, chakras, and DNA leading to Ascension must be accompanied with similar cataclysmic changes on earth?

Gaia is not ascending alone in the 5th dimension, but it will take many human beings with it. The old hermetic truth "Inside as outside" "above as below" is nothing else, but a popular Interpretation of the Universal laws of Creation and Destruction, which are the laws of destructive and constructive interference (read my last book "The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction").  
Forget comet Elenin for a while and  think about the physical ramifications of the magnetic pole shift, which is as old a theme as the New Age movement, but has recently disappeared from the radar of most light workers. Elenin is a small catalyst that will trigger the much greater split of the two earths. However, this split can only come, when the magnetic pole shift has taken place. In fact, both the split of the two earths and the magnetic pole shift are aspects of the same energetic process. The primary objective of this essay is to to transmit this knowledge in simple, popular scientific terms, as to take your fear away, knowing that there will be a lot of events on earth that will trigger human angst at a dizzy height.   

The Scientific Background of Magnetism,  Magnetic Fields, and Magnetic Poles.

One cannot talk about magnetic pole shift, before he has established a proper idea of what magnetism is all about. Magnetism was already known to the ancient Greeks, but was experimentally investigated only in the second half of the 19th century. The theory of magnetism goes back to Ampere and Maxwell and perspires  the whole confusion in modern physics. 

According to the current physical view, magnetism of matter is created by electric current loops. Check your textbooks on physics for further information. At the atomic level, they are also called electron spins. Most of quantum physics is dedicated to this phenomenon. Rotating electric currents thus create a magnetic force or field, just as they create an electric force or field. Purely for this reason scientists cannot practically distinguish between electric and magnetic forces and speak instead of electromagnetism.

These forces are transmitted with the speed of light c. The carriers of light are photons. Hence electromagnetism is another word for photon space time. The space, we perceive as cosmological space, is in reality photon space time, where all galaxies and star systems are embedded. There is no such thing as vacuum. This concept is the greatest blunder of modern empirical physics.

The concept of vacuum was introduced by the Powers That Be in science as to dumb down all human scientists and divert them from the knowledge that All-That-Is is energy - creative, conscious energy. Otherwise, they would not have been able to enslave humanity for the last 10 000 years. I have discussed this topic at length in my last book the "Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction".

Now, before I proceed with my elaboration, I must make my readers aware of one simple fact that reveals the greatest blunder in human science since the rejection of the Ptolemaic geocentric system by Copernicus Electric currents  are considered to be the product of electric charges that move at different levels in matter. In general, it is believed that all elementary particles are electrically charged and thus carriers of electric current when they move.  In this sense, electric charge is regarded nowadays in physics as an intrinsic property of matter that really exists.

One can for instance measure electric currents with ampermeter or voltmeter. In reality, electric charges do not exist. I repeat this sentence once again, so that every reader memorize it deep in his mind - there is no such thing as electric charges! These are human hallucinations or mental inventions - they are, so to say,  mental bugs that spoil human scientific thinking in a profound way, just as the bugs (viruses) in your computer can devastate its software programme and memory. 

The way, electric charge is defined in physics today, is a synonym for geometric area, which is an abstract mathematical term with no real existence, just as all mathematical terms such as numbers are. This should be basic theoretical knowledge. In this case, the fundamental SI unit "one coulomb" is equivalent to "one square meter".

What an irony! One should consider that for the last several hundred years, since electricity is known, measured, and used, billions of people have studied this physical stuff in schools, universities, and technical high schools and have not discerned the simple truth that electric charge is a tautology for area. Now, the reader may begin to understand, why I am so keen on exposing the total mental confusion of this human civilisation in the End Times. The End Times are here, my dear human beings, because of your confusion.
For those of my readers, who are interested in details, I recommend my special publication on electric charge on my website. When I made the discovery that electric charge is a synonym for area for the first time in the early 90s, I announced a prize of 100 000 German Marks (DM), which is equivalent to 200 000 $ today when one calculates the inflation, for the first scientist, who could disprove my claim in an irrevocable scientific manner, that is to say, in a publication in a scientific journal. The prize was set for a period of five years and the German Physical Society was informed about the prize. Since then, nobody has been able to disprove my claim that electric charges do not exist, but are a synonym for geometric area, and it is unlikely to happen in the short future of this planet, as my proof is beyond any doubt. So much about scientific certainty, which very few entities on this planet are able to enjoy.

Now, what are the practical implications of this new insight. If there are no charges that create electric current, then there are no electric currents, in the sense scientists understand them today, and therefore there are no electric current loops, and thus no magnetism. if there is no magnetism, then there is no magnetic pole shift, and this whole article does not make any sense.

Fortunately, the situation is a little bit more complex. What we have in reality is Energy - All That Is energy. There is nothing else, but energy. It manifests itself as energetic systems and levels. These are the parts of All-That-Is. As All-That-Is is also Infinity, there are infinite systems and levels of the Whole. The parts contain themselves and the Whole as an element - the element being energy. They superimpose, so that one can only distinguish them by their vibrations.

In this sense, all parts are vibrational systems. Vibrations are rotations that create waves. Therefore, all parts are rotational wave systems. When their rotational energies are measured, we define this as electromagnetism or magnetism This is the whole shebang of present-day physics. Of course, it can become quite complicated, but this is artificial mathematical complexity, created by ill-guided human minds. In this presentation, I am deliberately staying  at the lowest theoretical level.

This is the theoretical background of magnetism. Now let me present some hard facts, which will facilitate your understanding. Earth is a rotational system. It rotates around its physical axis, which is tilted with respect to the sun plane. This tilt is responsible for the four seasons. Therefore, while rotating, the earth builds a magnetic force or field. You can now substitute the word "magnetic" with rotational force and nothing will change.

Now, I assume that only few of my readers know how the rotational magnetic force is measured. It is measured in the SI unit "tesla", dedicated to the famous scientist, who discovered free photon energy as an unlimited source of energy more than one hundred years ago (see also my article on free photon energy). The magnetic force is hence measured in tesla units. When one scrutinizes the definition of this Si-unit, one easily discovers another similar blunder to that with respect to charge. Tesla is not a distinct unit, but a synonym for reciprocal second, T = 1/s,  which is the SI-unit of frequency. Now you begin to discern the vicious circle of modern physical theory.

And now comes my practical proof that will convince the greatest sceptics. The magnetic field of earth is calculated to be in the magnitude of 10(- 4 high) tesla or 1/10 000 tesla. which is equivalent to 10 000 seconds. Due to this reason, the magnetic field of the earth is considered to be very weak. What is the actual reality behind this finding? Very simple! This is the biggest scientific joke for ever.

One  rotation of the earth around its axis is equivalent to one day and it has 86 400 seconds  or 8.64.10(high 4) seconds. This number is equivalent to the magnetic field of the earth, measured in tesla:

10 (high -4) tesla = 8.64.10(high 4) seconds.

While the scientists believed to have measured the magnetic field of the earth in a complicated manner, they have actually measured in their ignorance the seconds of our clock.

When all scientists start to perceive this imbecility to the full extent in the course of this year, this will lead to the greatest laughter in the history of mankind, and after this emotional tremor,  human awe of this failed science will disappear for ever.
And now comes the key knowledge that is associated with our main topic  - the magnetic pole shift of earth. The rotational magnetic field of the earth is greater than its rotation around the axis by the number 8. Where does this additional rotation comes from?  It comes from the superimposed rotation of the earth around the sun. Our sun rotates on its part around the local star group, this group in return rotates around the galaxy center,  the centre of the Milky way rotates around the galaxy group, and so on.

We have numerous superimposed rotations in All-That-Is that build an aggregated product of rotations, which is measured as magnetic field. As this superimposed rotation of the earth is different from its solitary rotation around its axis. the magnetic poles are different from the North and South pole. In fact, the magnetic pole migrates all the time geographically, depending on the path of the earth through the galaxy. Now, I hope that my readers begin to understand the transcendental physics behind the magnetic pole shift.

In the last 24 years, since the first harmonic convergence in 1987, the magnetic field is continuously diminishing - the factor 8 is tending towards zero. This is the result of earth's completion of its 26 000 years galactic cycle, when it aligns with the other 11 planets of the Galactic Federation and with the central sun of the galaxy, known as Alcyone.

Now, this decline of the magnetic field of earth has also to do with the augmentation of the planet's frequencies to the 5th dimensional level and its ongoing Ascension. These are complex energetic processes and interrelations that cannot be easily presented in human language. When we will ascend and acquire direct knowledge of these energetic processes, we will be able to gain a deeper insight into what has happened during Ascension of Gaia and humanity in the current End Times.

In general, one should bear the following in mind : The higher the magnetic field - the greater the density of the system. We have shown that tesla is also a  SI-unit of  frequency. Space-time as perceived by humans with their narrow senses has only two dimensions - space s and absolute time f. This is the basic knowledge of the new Theory of the Universal Law.  Absolute time is a synonym for frequency f. Conventional time t, as used by humans, is thus reciprocal to frequency f = 1/t and equivalent to space (distance): s = t.

The human decision to discriminate between space and time is the greatest illusion of all incarnated entities, from which all other human illusions and blunders on this planet stem. This primordial idea is responsible for the hallucinatory perception of 3d-space time as the only reality by most incarnated human beings and is the primary, and only, cause for the separation of most humans from the Source (All-That-Is).
Here, we close the cognitive circle, which I outlined at the beginning of my article. All planetary events are closely interlinked with the way, human perception operates. When human awareness begins to expand in the process of Ascension, the outer reality must also change dramatically. This will be the normal experience of all human beings after Ascension. But it is also valid today on this earth.

If the magnetic field of the earth and its two poles are product of infinite, superimposed cosmic rotations, which also determine the destiny of humanity, as this is also reflected in the horoscope, then the magnetic pole shift must be closely linked with the Ascension of earth in the 5th dimension and with its split from the remaining catastrophic earth. This should be cogent to all my readers.

On the other hand, it is a well known fact that the earth's split and the Ascension process are only possible at this particular cosmic constellation in the End Times. In addition, I have explained in my last article on comet Elenin that before planet earth can ascend, its crystalline 144-grid must be completed. This will be the case at the star portal 12.12.12. After that, mass Ascension will take place on December 21, 2012.

The crystalline 144-grid is the actual 5-dimensional merkaba of our planet, which will enable it to ascend. This grid has a much lower density than the current earth. Here, I must make the reader aware of a fundamental correlation that is very often confused in the esoteric literature. The higher the frequency - the lower the density and vice verse. Earth has a very low frequency and its 3d-density is very high. The higher the density - the greater the separation from the Source. Many people confuse density with frequency. In reality, they are reciprocal magnitudes.

On the other hand, we have learned that the greater the rotational magnetic force - the greater the material density. When the scientists register that the earth magnetic force is continuously decreasing in the last several decades, this is a clear indication that the density of earth is also decreasing and vice verse - the frequencies of the planet's vibration increase.

When the magnetic field of the earth approaches zero, there will be a pole shift. The two poles will be exchanged. This will happen around the 11.11.11 star portal, when earth will fully enter the photon belt and the final stage of its alignment with the central sun and the other 11 planets begins. At this point in time, earth will enter the plane of the central sun. At this position, all superimposed galactic rotations that can be measured as a rotational (magnetic) field on earth are cancelled.

Cataclysmic Changes of Earth After the Magnetic Pole Shift

And now comes the most difficult and scary part of the story to comprehend, which follows succinctly from my previous elaboration.

We have learned that the magnetic field is the result of all superimposed rotations of earth within the universe. This also includes the solitary rotation of the earth around its physical axis, which is responsible for the circadian cycle. When the magnetic axis reverses its poles, this must also have a deep impact on the physical poles, as they are closely interlinked as superimposed rotations. In this case, the physical poles:

 the North and South physical pole must also change their geographic position.

 Below, I will explain how they will change their position and what will be the consequences for earth and humanity.

This change will happen very quickly, because incredible cosmic energies are at work at this point in time on our planet. The complexity and simultaneity of these processes escape the capacity of our linear human thinking, no matter how evolved it may be. I can only outline in this article the principal theoretical background of these processes, so that my readers understand in the first place that they are all closely linked and unavoidable.

The magnetic pole shift, the opening of the last, but one, star portal 11.11.11, which represents a powerful tsunami of high frequency photon energies from the central sun, the split of the two earths, and the approaching of the comet Elenin, which will play the role of a catalyst of these events, are all aspects of the Ascension process of earth and humanity in the End Times. It is very important to understand the unity of all these events, as well as their inevitability. Without these events, there will be no Ascension. As these events will cause massive destruction in various parts of the world, I refer to Mephisto`s statement above.

All the above mentioned energetic processes are closely correlated and will happen in the blink of an eye. I cannot tell now the exact chronology of the events, but this knowledge will be irrelevant from a practical point of view. Humanity has to go through these events and experience the power of the cosmic breakers, no matter how they come.

There Will Be no Seasons. Moderate Climate Everywhere

Finally, I will give you some specific information, which I am receiving telepathically from the causal worlds. The shift of the North and South pole will follow the current migration of the magnetic pole. It has been moving in the last years steadily in direction Siberia. The North pole will follow a similar path. Likewise, the South pole will move towards the southern parts of South America and Africa.

This whole movement could be better understood, when one considers the information that has been given by numerous channels in the last several years. The tilt of the earth's axis, which is now responsible for the four seasons, will be put in a perpendicular position to the sun's plane by the cosmic forces that coordinate earth's Ascension. This will eliminate the seasons, and the climate will become much more moderate.

In practice, this would mean that the equator will  also change its position. For instance, it will move to the north in America and will go through  the south states of the USA, such as Texas. Now, imagine the tremendous change in the climate and the environment that will occur as a consequence of these global apocalyptic events. The whole flora and fauna will be turned upside down.

This shift will be associated with all possible natural catastrophes which one can imagine. However, the adjustment will be very quick and the necessary devastation will be contained to the minimum  by the highest levels of Cosmic Providence for this planet. After an year, the vegetation will fully accommodate to the new geographic and climatic conditions. The pollution of the planet will be cleaned by the Forces of Light. This is necessary, because upon Ascension earth must have regained its pristine character in order to merge with its already existing harmonious blueprint in the 5th dimension.
Human beings will need some more time to adjust. Physically, they will adapt very quickly by the end of next year, when mass Ascension is scheduled. During this time, the active intervention of the Galactic Federation and other powerful cosmic forces will help humanity restructure its society and infrastructure. The rapid implementation of new advanced 4d-technologies, which will now easily function in the new, almost complete crystalline 144-grid of earth and in the presence of high energy particles from the surrounding photon belt, will allow for an even and just distribution of the planetary resources among all humans.

In my vision, Africa will be the continent, which will most benefit from the magnetic pole shift and the rectification of the axis tilt. At this place, I leave it to the creative imagination of my readers to project their own visions in the future, as they all are co-creators of the destiny of humanity and future true keepers of the new earth. After this cosmic shuffling of the old cards for this planet, the Golden Age of Ascension - the New Age of Humanity - can really commence.

Why the Moon Must be Removed

I have left one very important aspect of the magnetic pole shift for the end. The moon, as some may know, is an artificial satellite and has been placed by the Anunnaki in orbit as to create dark negative energies and increase the density of our planet. It has a very negative overall impact on the human ethereal fields and influence to a large extent the functioning of the three lower chakras, which are responsible for the human sexual, carnal, and other compulsive actions. Most of the human karma on this planet has been engendered by the three lower chakras of the incarnated entities. All wars, atrocities, and other crimes are energetically driven by the energies of the lower human chakras.

In the past, the Orion Empire had huge bases on the moon, from where it controlled earth and humanity. These bases were taken over by the Forces of Light two years ago, as I have written in my essay "Why the Many Delays in the Ascension Scenario"   For this reason, the moon must be removed from the earth's orbit, when the magnetic pole shift has taken place. This artificial satellite of the Dark Forces no longer comply with the harmonious high frequency energies from the 4th and 5th dimensions that will flood earth after the shift. This operation is also necessary, as otherwise the new vertical position of the planet's axis with respect to the sun`s plane could not be established and maintained.

Now, brethren, all these deep surgical and cosmetic operations of the earth`s crust of truly cosmic proportions will take place in the course of this year. If you were so emotionally stirred by the small comet Elenin and its association with one of the many mother ships of the GF that are positioned around our planet, how would your react to these apocalyptic news?

Therefore I ask you to join my opinion that, notwithstanding these cataclysmic events, the First Wave of Ascended human Masters will be the actual key event for humanity that  will show the way how to overcome the physical calamities and proceed indomitably on the way to mass Ascension. And please do not commence to ponder and quarrel about which changes will come first, and what part of the globe will be more devastated, as you have done extensively with such trivialities as the comet Elenin. Think instead about your redemption, which is Ascension.