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Thursday, September 8, 2011

SYNCHRONIZED 3-DAY MEDITATION - SEPT. 9-11 for Attuning to the New Galactic Spin

Greetings Friends!

Jose Arguelles' apprentice, Stephanie South of The Foundation for The Law of Time (FLT), has just put out a call for kin around the world to Synchronize in meditation and attunement as we close this current 260-day Galactic Spin cycle which started last Christmas December 25, 2010 and completes September 10, 2011.
Each 260-day cycle can be thought of a gestation cycle in which we go through the stages of growth and development, always birthing into a higher level of ourselves and our realities. At the end of a Galactic Spin, we always re-start at a new beginning, and travel through all the same permutations of creation, at a higher level on the evolutionary ladder. As we near this completion, its a good time to review all you have endured and experienced during this potent span of time, as well as to take stock of where we are at in our planetary journey as a collective human family.
Likewise, on Sept 11, 2011, Red Planetary Dragon, its a good time to set new intentions, attune to new visions, invoke new personal and planetary possibilities, and align with new willingness, new courage, and new heartstrength. Part of the intention of this Synchronized Meditation, is for us to unify our consciousness with each other as co-evolving parts of the One Whole of Humanity; synchronized with the consciousness of our Earth, as together we are receiving ongoing cosmic upgrades!
Especially those of us who follow the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar codes - this is a call for us to really FEEL ourselves unified in time. The opportunity is, as Jose Arguelles outlined, TO KNOW OURSELVES AS ONE PLANETARY ORGANISM IN CONTACT WITH ITSELF EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET.
Also, as Stephanie outlines, the new Galactic Spin starting on Sept 11 will take us over the 2012 Threshold, as it completes itself on May 28, 2012. Therefore, all the more reason to unify together in our hearts and minds that we are all connected, with eachother, with the living universe, and with the spirit of evolution itself as it guides our journey moment by moment, day by day. Let us know we are blessed to be alive in these times of the Great Changing of World Eras, and continue discovering what our personal roles are in establishing a New Human Culture that is Conscious of our Interconnectedness and Determined to Live in Harmony with the One Web of Life.
During these 3-days, and beyond, the invitation is also to keep the Rainbow Bridge around the Earth inside our consciousness and our hearts. I have this image at the center of my altar, and I attune to it everyday as the reminder of the sacred opportunity we have as living agents of love within this Living Prophecy. Here is a link to an image that we created of the Rainbow Bridge, http://ipowerproject.com/photo/rainbowbridge-by-skytime?context=latest
and here is a link to the more indepth meditation: http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/rainbowmeditation.html .
Please note that for some the meditation will come easily, whereas for others simply envisioning the Rainbow Arc is the perfect contribution!
Here is the link to Stephanie South's formal invitation: http://lawoftime.org/three-day-meditation.html
 Also, if you are going to be participating in this 3-day Synchronization, she asked: "Those of you who would like to participate, please send your name, galactic signature and bioregion to: jacob@lawoftime.org
Blessings to All!
In Lak'ech - I am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker
2012 PORTAL: http://www.13moon.com/prophecy%20page.htm

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