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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tomb of Red Queen and Dimensional Shift


For the past nine years I have been engaged with Valum Votan in a galactic learning program and mind transmission. With his passing came a whole new set of lessons; the current one being the transmutation of the emotional body.
I share this with you, as I know many people are currently experiencing heightened emotional states as well as a desire to find purpose in their life or to discover their divine mission.
For myself on the third-dimensional realm I have been working to transmute a deep sadness that seems to originate in the solar plexus region. These feelings form the raw material for my daily meditation.
As I sit with these feelings, I do my best to observe the feelings rather than conceptualize them. When I sit long enough a portal opens that seems to link with the suffering of all beings—the entire human family—everywhere on the planet (I always meditate with a globe in front of me). Through meditation you can see that as a species we are sitting on a collective heap of raw pain. As humans we do everything possible to avoid feeling to the core of our being. Through the mind’s eye we can watch this all as a movie; humans running here and there, busying themselves with this and that, only to avoid having to face this inner cauldron.   
I have also observed that as time is accelerating many people are feeling an urgency to find their purpose; their mission in this life. I believe the purpose of life is to find God, by whatever name you call the divine force. We are here to solve the great mystery of life by learning to perceive the Creator behind the worldly illusion. It is from cultivating this inner space that our divine mission will be revealed.
I have found that through persistent cultivation of this inner space, other worlds—parallel worlds—spring open and the synchronic codes of time take on ever-new meaning.
On the night of Self Existing Moon 5 (Oct. 22) I could not sleep. I was contemplating the fact that precisely one year ago it was kin 197 when Valum Votan received the Galactic Spiral Density Wave program, noting there were 791 days to 12-21-2012. From this point he determined there were exactly 7 cycles of 113 days each. Now we are well into the fourth cycle of 113 days, with 425 days to go (as of Kin 42).
I was feeling all of this and missing him deeply. I stayed up most of the night meditating and seeking contact with him on the inner realms. I was in a deep space praying intensely; praying for a sign. Finally at about 4 a.m., I fell asleep and seemed to enter immediately into a lucid dream.
I found myself in Palenque, in Temple 13 where is the tomb of the Red Queen. It was dark inside. Just as I was trying to orient myself, the walls started rumbling and swaying and the narrow chamber shapeshifted into a type of narrow cabin full of light. I looked up and there was Votan! It was as if we were in the same space as Temple 13, but the dimensions shifted and the exterior took on a different form, or as if there were many dimensions contained in this one space and according to a shift of mind a new environment emerged. I understood that we are always surrounded by an overlay of dimensions that are vibrating at different frequencies. It was as though I was being shown how to go back and forth through these frequencies.
So I was with Votan in this narrow cabin like chamber. There was a single computer sitting in the center. He indicated telepathically that this computer was a type of control panel linked directly to the main control panel at the center of the earth. He informed me that the center of the earth radiates light beams of information that connect with all of the pyramid structures on the planet. I understood these as the interplanetary regeneration chambers. He was also communicating something about the pyramids being overlays of a particular matrix structure that can be understood through the 441-cube matrix (though I do not yet fully understand this yet).
We were both drawn to this computer (or perhaps control panel).  Numerical codes were coming up on the screen. Intuitively I knew it was set to go off (like a time capsule release) any moment. In the dream I thought perhaps these “computers” were monitoring the timing cycle of the galactic beams.  This would mean that the dream was taking place around 12-21-2012. Votan was intently watching the monitor screen. I thought he must be watching the shift in numerical codes that indicate the new beam being phased in.
I could feel the time was near. There was a palpable electrical energy. All of a sudden a strange ripple effect went through the entire cabin (or pyramid overlay). I stepped outside and at first saw a pile of slugs. I picked one up. It was slimy, so I threw it down. As it hit the ground it dissolved into a strange black tar substance, then rapidly reshaped itself into the most brilliant green turtle! (I realized later that this dream occurred on a Magic turtle day in the first watch of the 4 Night of the 4 Moon).
Wow! I thought. This must be the transformation of matter! Then I spotted another building structure not too far away. It was rippling and swaying, and then rapidly melted into the same black tar-like substance. In its place appeared a beautiful lush garden with the most wonderful smells emanating from it.
“Wow!” I thought. It’s all really happening. THIS IS THE DIMENSIONAL SHIFT! Then I observed how my thoughts were intermingling and directly connected with these shifts. Once I realized this I began to consciously radiate as much love as possible and had the thought for everything to be transformed into the highest version of itself. The joy and excitement were indescribable.
I went back inside to the narrow cabin where Votan was still watching the number screen. Then the entire cabin started rippling. I looked at him and he was rippling and waving vibrating into an almost transparent etheric structure. I looked at my hand (which I often do in the dream as a sign that I am awake in the dream). But … then … I woke up … The phrase going through my head was: We the secret dreamers await the right moment to apply the higher harmonics to transform the world.    RED QUEEN

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street

"My name is Michael C. Ruppert.  I am a former Los Angeles police officer.

Just two days ago, I was asked by David DeGraw, one of the original organizers of Occupy Wall Street, who is on the scene in Manhattan, to make a video speaking to all police officers in every city and country in the world who have been ordered to suppress, harass and brutalize our peaceful unarmed protests.  Police attacks on the Occupy Together Movement are intensifying all over the world.

I don’t know how I could possibly phrase it or say it better than Marine Corps Sgt. Shamar Thomas did in Times Square last week.  I want all of you to know that Shamar Thomas is not a fluke or an aberration..."

November 2011, (& 11.11.11), for Everyone - Astrology

"November is a major decision point. Astrological events on or about 11.11.11 indicate a point of no return. The planets are about to shift gears in a big way.

Matters will escalate. Political, economic and psychological stuff will intensify, grow more confusing and, in a word overwhelming. Political discourse will become increasingly strident and violence will probably begin escalating. The economic situation only grows more complicated and uncertain. To get through this, we must decide who we are and where we stand.

It might still be a little too soon to take action or expect results. Delays still frustrate. But we can no longer sit on the sidelines, or simply tread water. It is time to start deciding how we will answer the questions being raised, how we will meet the challenges confronting us. Events will compel us to make decisions and commitments." 


Friday, October 28, 2011


The Poetics of the Street



John Urwin Describes how in 1957 he was recruited into an elite hit squad in the British Military, called The Sixteen. He describes how this group fought the evils of the Illuminati, and he now makes a call for others to speak out as he is convinced we are in serious trouble, and major False Flag operations are soon to hit us.
On his final mission in 1959 he describes how he saw two football field sized Flying saucers, of German design take off from the Jordanian desert near Jaraba, and how they recovered a secret box containing ET or holographic glass, ancient high technology, to thwart the Illuminati's plans.

From: Stephanie Sutton <ssutton@phisciences.com>
Date: October 27, 2011 9:54:33 AM GMT-05:00
Subject: [Eaglestrike] Fw: [apfn-1] Final Free Energy test tobe held Oct.28(But no one paying    attention?)

!!!!!!! and Sterling will be there to report on it!!!!  Very exciting news….pass it on….Steph

 News: October 28, 2011 Test of the One Megawatt E-Cat
Shortcut url: http://peswiki.com/index.php/News:October_28%2C_2011_Test_of_the_One_Megawatt_E-Cat

For the next few days, PES will be scanning the net to bring you the latest and most up-to-date information about the important October 28 test of the 1 megawatt E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) device, taking place in Italy. PESN's founder, Sterling D. Allan, will be in attendance at the private event. Keep checking this page for the latest news and updates!
Key updates will be posted to our Twitter feed as well. http://twitter.com/#!/PESNetwork

by Hank Mills and Sterling D. Allan http://peswiki.com/index.php/Congress:Member:Sterling_D._Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
On October 28th of 2011, a very important, private test of Andrea Rossi's one megawatt E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) will take place ...

This upcoming test will not be conducted by Rossi, but will be managed by the expert consultants sent by his currently undisclosed customer, to validate the plant prior to purchasing it.

For reasons of practicality, safety, and to maintain the confidentiality of the customer's identity, the number of individuals invited to attend this test will be kept to a minimum. Only a few media representatives will be present, one of whom will be Sterling Allan of PESN. No cameras or video taping will be allowed except by authorized persons. No live reporting will be allowed except by Rossi, who will be posting hourly updates on his blog. We will be posting updates along the way as well as our synopsis after the event.

Last January, Rossi held a press conference announcing the breakthrough technology by demonstrating a unit producing several kilowatts of heat. He said that in October of this year he would be launching the first commercial unit, which would be a 1 MW plant (also in the form of heat). He has stuck to and appears to be on track to meet that objective.

The one megawatt, nickel-hydrogen, cold fusion systems will be tested at the event. It is composed of 52 individual modules, each containing three reactor cores.

For the next few days, all public news and information about the test will be posted below. Please share and spread the link to this webpage, as we plan to be providing top notch coverage of this pivotal test of the E-Cat.

October 28: A Confluence of Events

Oct. 26, 2011 update by Sterling D. Allan

Yesterday, the day I arrived here in Bologna, I saw a headline from the Wall Street Journal: Italian Government Risks Collapse. Then, a little later, I saw a story at BeforeItsNews about a movement percolating around the Occupy Wallstreet and related groups: Will You Help "Shut It Down" On Oct. 28th?" a call to disengage from the military, industrial and congressional complex (as it was originally called by Eisenhower) for a full day." They urge people to "call in sick to work, turn off all the media and appliances you can, get out of the banks, close credit cards, initiate new lifestyle changes, whatever you can do or stop doing. And don't buy a corporate thing."

So while the world sees Italy on verge of collapse, and the activists are calling for a protest shut-down of the corporate world for October 28, quite another thing will be taking place in Italy on October 28, 2011 -- the emergence of a technology that could help us turn around the economy and give power to the people, making affordable distributed energy possible.

We invite you to spread this buzz around, to let people know that in the midst of all the gloom created by greed, that a better world is in process of emerging.

I find this confluence more than a coincidence. It seems to be part of the yin/yang dance of a higher power that is working with us to see the emergency of our destiny to be free and independent of the corrupt powers that be that are in process of collapsing the world, even as a new, more enlightened world is arising.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oct 28, 2011 Is The End of The Calleman Calendar, Not The End of The Mayan Calendar

Calleman comes under fire here with only a few hours left for all to see and feel.
This missive is concise and successful at looking at his prognosis and questioning if his work has relevance.... I found this information to be a rare and much needed expose of how and if one's personal account of the Maya is yet another personal interpretation that begs to be questioned.  ycstar*

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And some of you already received this....but wanted it up on the blog as well....

The Federal Government is going to shutdown all radio and television broadcasts on November 9th at 2:00 PM EST.


Massive Tsunami Drill Coincides With Continent Killer Asteroids Close Pass In November
The following is to take place November 9 - 10, 2011 according to the International Tsunami Information Center - the conspiracy deepens: http://itic.ioc-unesco.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1686&Itemid=2333&lang=en

9-10 November 2011: In August 2010, the PTWS Steering Committee (SC) met to discuss the progress of the PTWS during the intercessional period, including the next PTWS exercise. Considering the general objectives of PACWAVE08, the SC approved the PACWAVE Summary Report and requested Working Groups 2 and 3 (Tsunami Detection, Warning and Dissemination; Tsunami Awareness and Response) to cooperate in the preparation of an end-to-end communication exercise PACWAVE11 in November 2011. The actual evacuation of local communities (or parts of it) will be left to the decision of local or national authorities. A PTWS Exercises Task Team was formed, chaired by ITIC and New Zealand, to organize the exercise and elaborate on detailed scenarios.PacWave11 will be held on 9-10 November 2011 as a multi-scenario exercise that will allow all PTWS countries to exercise using a destructive local or regional tsunami scenario.  PacWave 11 will also be used to introduce new tsunami advisory products of the PTWC that were proposed by the PTWS Enhanced Tsunami Warning Products Task Team and approved by ICG/PTWS-XXIV. IOC Circular Letter 2390 was issued on 13 May 2011 announcing the exercise and requesting PTWS Countries to nominate a PacWave11 focal point.  IOC Manual and Guides 58 on How to Plan, Conduct, and Evaluate Tsunami Exercises was issued in July 2011.  The
PacWave11 Exercise Manual (IOC TS 97) was published in August 2011.  UNESCO will issue a press release on 1 November 2011.

READ ENTIRE REPORT - http://theintelhub.com/2011/10/25/massive-tsunami-drill-coincides-with-continent-killer-asteroids-close-pass-in-november/

This drill coincides with the FEMA/FCC takeover drill and the possible Elenin alignment. The shear amount of things taking place on November 9th should make it a very interesting day.

The Intel Hub Crew -  

Emergency Alert System Nationwide Test 



We'll begin with Carl Calleman's 'take' on what is going on and what to expect during the next 8 days...

Official Disclosure of the US-Government of Your Ascension at the Stargate 11.11.11 by Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 25, 2011


 The Mayan Calendar End Date: 10/28/2011 or 12/21/2012?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj0LHyxVmuQ&feature=related 

And last but NOT least is: Terence McKenna, Timewave Zero 2012



Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Click here: For One Day...We Shut The System Down! - YouTube

Occupy Yourself Movement

A momentum is occurring

People are uniting across the world

They are sending a message

The next step is fast approaching

On Oct 28th 2011   WE SHUT THE SYSTEM DOWN.

For one day we peacefully protest in a symbol that will be felt across the globe.

We step out of the system and step back into ourselves.

Turn off all lights

Unplug all electrical devices

Abstain from using TV, radio and internet or phone.

Abstain from making any purchase of any kind

Choose that morning to cancel any services you feel you no longer need

That morning call in sick to work

Do NOTHING that generates money into THE SYSTEM.

We will send a message

We will unite

Most importantly, for one day...

We live without distraction

Read a book






Frolic in nature


On Oct 28th 2011

Step out of the system and get back to yourself

Spread the word!   SHUT IT ALL DOWN!

 Join us on facebook: Occupy Yourself




Sunday, October 23, 2011

1.11 10/23/2011 http://johnkaminski.info/
please forward

Why did the ancient Israelites lie about ancient Egypt?

The United States, Britain and Israel.

Chinese troops massed on Kashmir border.

Even China and Russia sold him out.

Care to enhance your synaptic plasticity?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA. http://johnkaminski.info/


Friday, October 21, 2011

From: Mary Rose <dustysummerrose@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 6:26 PM
Subject: Thanks to G. Patrick Flanagan & Stephanie Sutton Flanagan.
To: Fixgov <Fixgov@yahoogroups.com>

Dear Friends and Associates,

I want to thank both Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Stephanie Sutton Flanagan for the wonderful gift i received from them in recognition for my "outstanding work in facilitating the Co-learner's list for almost 12 years and in officially launching the first phase of a new endeavor for Future Dawning Enterprises" of which i am the Founder & CEO.     

On Tuesday of this week, I received a MacBook Air laptop from Pat and Steph and am overjoyed with its lightweight and fast performance.

Am so very grateful to both Patrick and Stephanie for their continued support in bringing Future Dawning Enterprises to this point of development.  

About 10 days ago we launched The Sacred Green Spiral  - a think tank - in what is the first of many phases in which we will be launching different sectors of the Virtual Learning Center (www.futuredawning.org).  The Virtual Learning Center is composed of 14 different NING-based websites which are called Portals and Pathways and lead to different interests where like-minded people may come together to learn and create projects that are transformational in nature. Each Portal and Pathway will accommodate from 60,000 to 100,000 people. Each individual becoming a member of either The Sacred Green Spiral or the Virtual Learning Center will have their own personal webpage which includes the ability to post photographs, videos, engage in discussion groups, create a personal blog and/or upload different services.  At the present time membership in the Future Dawning Virtual Learning Center and Think Tank is free.  However, in the not-to-distant future, we will be forced to charge a minimum monthly fee to cover expenses or to place advertising on the Portals and Pathways, or both. When we arrive at that point we will make a decision based on "what is in the best interests of all concerned."

The Sacred Green Spiral is a "by invitation only website" since we are looking for recognized leaders in their respective fields to come together to form the think tank.

The purpose of Future Dawning Enterprises is not to make a lot of money for ourselves, but to raise enough money to cover expenses, pay necessary staff members a living wage, and to have enough left over to enable us in funding projects critical to the survival of the human family at this time. Our pathway is via unconditional love and in providing well-being for every living thing on Earth. 

Once the Future Dawning Virtual Learning Center and the think tank - the Sacred Green Spiral have been launched - we will then move into Phase Three which is to launch the Moving Into: TOTAL WELLNESS program.  This program, which I am currently creating will be composed of two parts.  Part I will have to do with individual wellness, and Part II will be concerned with our social systems and whether or not they are designed to fulfill their full potential.  In Chapter One, we will be looking at TOTAL WELLNESS and defining what it is and how it works.  And, as I write the draft outline for this, we will be calling on the experts in their field and asking them to help fill in the blanks as we move along in both Parts One and Two.  And, since the experts in each section will be composed of those who we are seeking to be aboard The Sacred Green Spiral, we will be calling upon this group to aid in designing the TOTAL WELLNESS program so that it acts as a guide to take us from Point A to Point B as we discover as a collective society what the meaning of TOTAL WELLNESS is and how to get their both as individuals and as a collective conscious/unconscious mind.

And once again, I want to turn to G. Patrick Flanagan and express my thanks and gratitude to him because he is taking on the task of being an Advisor to Future Dawning Enterprises as we grow our business.  As well, Stephanie Sutton Flanagan has committed to work with us in anyway possible to move the company forward.

When i speak of "us" I am speaking of myself and long time friend and web designer, Joelle de Lespinois.  Joelle has since 1997 donated hundreds of hours of web design skills to enable what was once called, "The Turtle Island Institute" into being and now into creating Future Dawning Enterprises.  And I want to thank Joelle for her commitment to working with me no matter how long it took to bring this present entity into being.

We are currently communicating with others whom we would like to invite to become part of "us" and work closely together in the best interests of all concerned to bring this organization to its fullest potential. 
With Much Love and Hugs to Everyone Concerned,
Mary Rose
Founder & CEO - Future Dawning Enterprises
                            The End of History

By Paul Craig Roberts

October 20, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- Now that the CIA’s proxy army has murdered Gadhafi, what next for Libya?

If Washington’s plans succeed, Libya will become another American puppet state. Most of the cities, towns, and infrastructure have been destroyed by air strikes by the air forces of the US and Washington’s NATO puppets. US and European firms will now get juicy contracts, financed by US taxpayers, to rebuild Libya. The new real estate will be carefully allocated to lubricate a new ruling class picked by Washington. This will put Libya firmly under Washington’s thumb.

With Libya conquered, AFRICOM will start on the other African countries where China has energy and mineral investments. Obama has already sent US troops to Central Africa under the guise of defeating the Lord’s Resistance Army, a small insurgency against the ruling dictator-for-life. The Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, welcomed the prospect of yet another war by declaring that sending US troops into Central Africa “furthers US national security interests and foreign policy.” Republican Senator James Inhofe added a gallon of moral verbiage about saving “Ugandan children,” a concern the senator did not have for Libya’s children or Palestine’s, Iraq’s, Afghanistan’s and Pakistan’s.

Washington has revived the Great Power Game and is vying with China. Whereas China brings Africa investment and gifts of infrastructure, Washington sends troops, bombs and military bases. Sooner or later Washington’s aggressiveness toward China and Russia is going to explode in our faces.

Where is the money going to come from to finance Washington’s African Empire? Not from Libya’s oil. Big chunks of that have been promised to the French and British for providing cover for Washington’s latest war of naked aggression. Not from tax revenues from a collapsing US economy where unemployment, if measured correctly, is 23 percent.

With Washington’s annual budget deficit as huge as it is, the money can only come from the printing press.

Washington has already run the printing press enough to raise the consumer price index for all urban consumers (CPI-U) to 3.9% for the year (as of the end of September), the consumer price index for urban wage earners and clerical workers (CPI-W) to 4.4% for the year, and the producer price index (PPI) to 6.9% for the year.

As statistician John Williams (shadowstats.com) has shown, the official inflation measures are rigged in order to hold down cost of living adjustments to Social Security recipients, thus saving money for Washington’s wars. When measured correctly, the current rate of inflation in the US is 11.5%.

What interest rate can savers get without taking massive risks on Greek bonds? US banks pay less than one-half of one percent on FDIC insured savings deposits. Short-term US government bond funds pay essentially zero.

Thus, according to official US government statistics American savers are losing between 3.9% and 4.4% of their capital yearly. According to John Williams’ estimate of the real rate of inflation, US savers are losing 11.5% of their accumulated savings.

As retired Americans receive no interest on their savings, they are having to spend down their capital. The ability of even the most prudent retirees to survive the negative rate of interest they are receiving and the erosion by inflation of any pensions that they receive will come to an end once their accumulated assets are exhausted.

Except for Washington’s favored mega-rich, the one percent that has captured all of the income gains of recent years, the rest of America has been assigned to the trash can. Nothing whatsoever has been done for them since the financial crisis hit in December 2007. Bush and Obama, Republican and Democrat, have focused on saving the 1 percent while giving the finger to the 99 percent.

Finally, some Americans, though not enough, have caught on to the flag-waving rah-rah “patriotism” that has consigned them to the trash bin of history. They are not going down without a fight and are in the streets. Occupy Wall Street has spread. What will be the fate of this movement?

Will the snow and ice of cold weather end the protests, or send them into public buildings? How long will the local authorities, subservient to Washington as they are, tolerate the obvious signal that the population lacks any confidence whatsoever in the government?

If the protests last, especially if they grow and don’t decline, the authorities will infiltrate the protestors with police provocateurs who will fire on the police. This will be the excuse to shoot down the protestors and to arrest the survivors as “terrorists” or “domestic extremists” and to send them to the $385 million dollar camps built under US government contract by Cheney’s Halliburton.

The Amerikan Police State will have taken its next step into the Amerikan Concentration Camp State.

Meanwhile, lost in their oblivion, conservatives will continue to bemoan the ruination of the country by homosexual marriage, abortion, and “the liberal media.” Liberal organizations committed to civil liberty, such as the ACLU, will continue to rank a woman’s right to an abortion with defense of the US Constitution. Amnesty International will assist Washington in demonizing its next target for military attack while turning a blind eye to the war crimes of President Obama.

When we consider what Israel has got away with, being as it is under Washington’s bought protection--the war crimes, the murders of children, the eviction in total disregard of international law of Palestinians from their ancestral homes, the bulldozing of their houses and uprooting of their olive groves in order to move in fanatical “settlers,” the murderous invasions of Lebanon and Gaza, the wholesale slaughter of civilians--we can only conclude that Washington, Israel’s enabler, can get away with far more.

In the few opening years of the 21st century, Washington has destroyed the US Constitution, the separation of powers, international law, the accountability of government, and has sacrificed every moral principle to achieving hegemony over the world. This ambitious agenda is being attempted while simultaneously Washington removed all regulation over Wall Street, the home of massive greed, permitting Wall Street’s short-term horizon to wreck the US economy, thus destroying the economic basis for Washington’s assault on the world.

Will the US collapse in economic chaos before it rules the world?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was appointed by President Reagan Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and confirmed by the US Senate. He was Associate Editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal, and he served on the personal staffs of Representative Jack Kemp and Senator Orrin Hatch. He was staff associate of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, staff associate of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, and Chief Economist, Republican Staff, House Budget Committee. He wrote the Kemp-Roth tax rate reduction bill, and was a leader in the supply-side revolution. He was professor of economics in six universities, and is the author of numerous books and scholarly contributions. He has testified before committees of Congress on 30 occasions.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ecuador's Imperilled Paradise - One of the World's Most Important, If Least-Known Battles

 SAVE THE  YASUNI RAINFOREST - Ecuador must not drill for oil in this natural wonderland
Deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon, one of the planet's last unspoiled ecological treasures is on the verge of destruction. For decades, scientists have flocked to YasunI National Park, an unspoiled laboratory for evolution and scientific discovery. It was one of the few places in the world that did not freeze during the last ice-age, becoming a refuge for thousands of species of amphibians, birds, mammals and plants that would eventually repopulate the Amazon. YasunI remains arguably the most biodiverse spot in the world today.
A Conversation with Dr. Ivonne Baki  9/27/2011
In 2007, Ecuador's President Rafael Correa proposed protecting his country's biodiversity against huge oil revenue prospects. This was the archetypal mother of all environmental contests, and remains so. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) signed on to President Correa's proposal, and it was again discussed at the UN's most recent 66th General Assembly. At that United Nations meeting,  US$52.9 million of both public and private sector donations were committed  to the proposal, as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined President Rafael Correa in a special meeting, along with Ecuador's indigenous Huaorani tribe. Two packed rooms at the U.N., and an overflow crowd of dignitaries there to listen indicates the excitement of  the Yasuni-ITT Campaign. But will the rest of the world listen?

The stakes are high: oil revenues in Ecuador to the tune of billions of dollars, or nations coming to Ecuador's assistance to collectively help her leave that oil in the ground and thereby save some of the world's most precious wildlife?

THIS IS A KEY ISSUE THAT THE WORLD MUST ADDRESS! It could pave the way for many other similar initiatives. First some Key Facts:

- Yasuni: One of the most bio-diverse spots on Earth

- One hectare in Yasuni contains more tree species than are native to the whole of North America

- Ecuador indefinitely foregoes extraction of 846 mill. barrels of oil and more than US$ 7.2 bill. in income

- Avoidance of 407 million metric tons of CO? emissions due to non-extraction and burning of oil

- Avoidance of 800 million metric tons of CO? from avoided deforestation

- 78% of Ecuadorian citizens support the Yasuni Initiative

- The Yasuni ITT Trust Fund administered by UNDP was established in August 2010
- Agreement requires US$ 100 mill. by 30 Dec 2011
(Taken from http://mdtf.undp.org/yasuni where this is MUCH more on this issue)

Is Ecuador up to it?

"Let me put it this way: if we continue to depend on oil to such a degree, IPCC studies demonstrate that there is no future for the planet and humanity; we are reaching a tipping point of CO2 emissions, the Earth's tipping point. The balance between nature and oil extraction is simply not sustainable."

"To reach the goal of conserving Yasuní's biodiversity, to protect the non-contacted indigenous people and the indigenous communities living in the Amazon and transit towards a clean energy model, the Yasuní-ITT Initiative is the one and only path to be taken. Yasuní is the ultimate precedent towards affecting such a paradigm shift."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

David Icke - Still Crazy After All These Years

 There are four video's (short) for you to hear the story of how David began and different events that lead him to where he is today.  A journey into a very unique and brave individual that has seen much ridicule through the years leading up till now and how he is NOW in his stride yet still pushing the edge unlike anyone else.  I think you'll enjoy his story.  ycstar*

Saturday, October 8, 2011

On Red Ice Radio ~ George Kavassilas - The Pending Global Mind Control Event

 Great interview with George - in some ways disturbing but he is here to give us hints and clues about how to prepare ourselves for something much bigger than 9/11 as a way for us to actually go beyond crisis and transformation.  We are about to become CREATORS as we go through the shift - after all isn't this what we women go through when we pause from the men?  menopause?

Comets, UFOs and the Prophecy of Pacal Votan (Stephanie South)

I am so excited and inspired by this latest report just in from Australia from the Red Queen.
Enjoy these words of wisdom and clarity.....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anonymous Threatens to 'Erase NYSE from the Internet'


Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing up to become part of our community!

We are very excited about the enthusiastic response to THRIVE's first trailer, which has over a quarter of a million views on YouTube in just three weeks. The Premiere sold out in less than two hours, and our THRIVE community is already over 25,000 people from 169 countries!

We are also very encouraged by all of the activity being generated by Occupy Wall Street and would like to acknowledge the timeliness and courage of their efforts.

To that end, please check out the attached link with some interesting information on the history of the Federal Reserve which begs the question:  http://www.thrivemovement.com/infographics/historyofthefed/

How come the bankers, who created the financial collapse, were bailed out with over $16 trillion in taxpayer debt, while millions of hard-working people continue to lose their jobs and get evicted from their homes?

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message from Chinese activists and academics in support of Occupy Wall Street

"The same fate, the same pain, the same problems, the same conflict. Faced with a common enemy in an elite global class that has already linked-up, the people of the world have only one option: to unite and in a unified and shared struggle overturn the rule of the capitalist elite, to ensure that everyone enjoys the basic human rights of work, housing, health care, education, and a secure old-age."

POSSIBLE Photographic Confirmation Of Dwarf Star - EmergencyCoalition

 This is worth tracking and please if you find out any more about this please let me know and others as well.  There seems to be some real science behind this and as they say, Time Will Tell.


This is a clip in the blog that I pulled out so you can watch Benjamen Fulford speak fluent Chinese - for those that are curious about his credentials and information and abilities.  At least we know he can speak the language - hopefully his information is solid too.

Here's David's blog for those that have missed his entry's - very fascinating: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/975-undergroundbases


Saturday, October 1, 2011

MIND THE GAP ... David's download from downunder ...

Oct 1, 2011 5:31 pm
David Icke Newsletter - 2nd October 2011


"Hello all ...
'Mind the gap' is a phrase delivered loudly and with a strange slow and deliberate delivery at many London underground stations, as in 'mind the gap between the platform and the train, please'.
But this week I have been close to another 'gap' that is rather more sinister. I mean sinister, as in global importance sinister. We should 'mind' this 'gap' even more.
I have been in Australia for three weeks now and after amazing events in Perth in the west and the Gold Coast in the east I headed out in my only free week until almost Christmas on a trip to a place I have long wanted to visit - Uluru, better known to most outside of Australia by its colonial name, Ayers Rock.
The three day bus trip began in Alice Springs in the Northern Territories and a short drive from there is Pine Gap, one of the most significant underground facilities on the planet. It is located some twelve miles from the very centre of Australia and began operations in 1966. 

I was driven out to Pine Gap to get a 'feel' for the place. That is all you can really do, because you are told to turn back before you even see the entrance. We drove on past the turn-back sign until we could see the main gate, but even that is well forward of the facility itself.
I say facility - there is very little on the surface. I had a great view from my aircraft when I flew back to Alice Springs and all you can see are a series of 'domes' or 'balls' known as 'radomes', and a few buildings here and there. Everything else is underground and this 'everything else' is massive.
It is reckoned to go down at least 12 levels with long tunnels going out in all directions to who knows where. Work is obviously ongoing, too. A resident told me that enormous amounts of concrete are being delivered to the base at this time.
All of us in the car that got close enough to see the entrance had the same feeling of being drained of energy and experiencing headaches and I am sure we were either hit by some electromagnetic device or simply that an electromagnetic field is being beamed from the base into the near vicinity. Certainly for all of us to feel the same confirmed that one or the other is true.

The signs talk about a 'joint' defence facility with Australia, but that is nonsense. It is a United States (global cabal) operation on Australian soil and the 'joint' bit is just to hide the fact that the American military runs the show there and does whatever it likes.  Australians were not even allowed to be involved in the construction.
The Australian government and Australia in all its administrative and military forms are not allowed to know what goes on there in the most secret areas. Change the government? It doesn't matter. Whoever is officially in power in Australia, Pine Gap goes on unchecked and unsupervised.
The agreement between the American and Australian governments does not commit America to revealing everything that goes on at Pine Gap, nor what discoveries have been made by the advanced research that goes on there.
Australians were told at first that it was a 'weather station' and then a 'Space Research Centre', but Prime Minister Gough Whitlam revealed in 1975 that the official head at Pine Gap was a CIA agent. Whitlam insisted that all CIA agents in Australia be made known and that was too much for the secret government to accept.

Gough Whitlam.
Whitlam was removed from office in November 1975 by the Queen's representative in Australia, the deeply offensive Governor-General John Kerr, who was carrying out the orders of the country's head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, in league with the CIA which funded and manipulated the 'constitutional crisis' that removed Whitlam.
The hundreds of staff at Pine Gap are all Americans in the key areas while there are some Australian liaison staff to give the impression of Australian involvement and federal police who live off base. They patrol the security fence with the American military.
It is a similar situation to Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, England, which is supposed to be a British Air Force facility. But while you have British personnel at the main entrance, the rest of Menwith Hill is completely controlled by America and everyone, even non-American visitors, is subject to US laws. Pine Gap is, like Menwith Hill, part of the Echelon surveillance system monitoring phone calls, emails and other communications worldwide. 
This surveillance includes the communications of political leaders who are supposed to be running their countries and, in theory, though not fact, having oversight of the very facilities that spy on them.
Everything the US personnel need at Pine Gap is flown in from the United States several times a week. They rarely leave the base and any locals in Alice Springs involved any way will not speak about what they see or experience.

Alice Springs itself, about 14 miles from the base, has a very strange atmosphere, almost surreal; and you can feel an 'untold story' vibrating in the energy field around you. It is a bit like walking through a sci-fi movie.
Pine Gap is definitely involved in the broadcasting of low frequency waves that can affect people mentally, emotionally and physically and also lock into human brain activity. This would explain the effect on those of us in the car, but those waves penetrate vast distances and not only around the facility itself.
Pine Gap is a key part of a global frequency field or 'fence' that is manipulating human perception and this also includes other US bases in Australia and around world. The HAARP facility in Alaska is fundamental to this and the network of bases and technology centres work as one unit to generate and maintain this frequency web.
Pine Gap is also a ground station for satellite communications in this region of the Earth and so much else. American military operations, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, are guided from there and supported by communication intercepts of 'enemy' commanders.

Even if an Australian government was opposed to a war involving the United States (highly unlikely) the military operations and mass murder would still be supported by American personnel working from beneath central Australia.
I suggest that another prime reason for the base is as an interface between the American military, various expressions of the National Security Agency (NSA) and extraterrestrials.
There is something about the ancient energy field of Australia that makes Pine Gap so important in the global network of underground bases. The immense energy field in the region around Uluru (Ayers Rock) is only 25 minutes away by aircraft and that will connect into the Earth energy grid in which Pine Gap operates.
There is a raw power in this enormous land mass that can be used and tapped into - this is why Australia is one of the Satanism capitals of the world.
Sightings of strange lights over Pine Gap are legion and the same with other 'UFO' activity around Alice Springs. Some who have got close enough to the base to see the facility through strong telescopes have reported seeing strange craft over the base and some sort of interaction with the ground through beams of light.

Aircraft passengers have reported seeing large white objects leaving the base at great speed and there are a number of reports of people seeing camouflaged doors opening in the hillsides and sometimes tube-like objects going inside.
People have no idea how close and advanced are the interactions and cooperation between the beyond government global cabal and non-human species of reptilian type and others, including the 'Greys'.
It should also be emphasised that many craft called 'extraterrestrial' by onlookers are actually flown by humans and so sightings of advanced craft don't always mean 'off planet'. The scientific and technological cutting edge in these secret facilities is light-years in advance of what we are allowed to see in the public arena.
A government map-maker who camped near Pine Gap reported seeing an object hovering over the base at around a thousand feet. He estimated that the circular disc was up to six hundred feet in diameter and he said a blue light was beamed from the ground to the craft. This was joined by a beam of golden light.
The cartographer said he watched this for some 40 minutes, but when he told his boss in Alice Springs he said he was warned by aggressive officials that he would be in serious trouble if he talked about what he saw.

Five witnesses led by an employee of a government department in Western Australia were reported to have camped out for several nights to observe activity at Pine Gap with powerful telescopes after a tip off that something 'big' was going to happen there.
They saw nothing out of the ordinary for the first few nights, but then the action started. They said they saw vehicles and groups of people in overalls gathering near the radomes. Then a golden beam of light of great intensity several metres across was projected into the sky from the radome area. It appeared to generate stationary clouds and when the beam was cut the clouds drifted away.
Four objects described as 'star-like' then appeared together with a cigar-shaped craft which descended to some five hundred feet above the base. Blue beams began to flash between all of the craft and the ground. The observers said the craft appeared to be in communication with Pine Gap personnel.
Advanced craft are seen around many known underground bases, most notably Area 51 in Nevada which is far from the most important even though it is the most famous. Many of these bases operate as interfaces with non-humans, some in 'physical form' and others who come in energetic form as flashes of light and operate under the ground in technologically-generated atmospheres that suit them.

The Dulce base in New Mexico, located in similar terrain and temperature to Pine Gap, is another facility claimed to be an 'alien' interface where technological knowledge is passed on to serve the Control System on the surface.
The bases are strictly compartmentalised with each lower level requiring higher and higher security clearance. Personnel are even weighed in and weighed out to ensure that they don't leave with anything that they didn't bring in.
The Reptilians and Greys operate in the lower, most secure levels, and the lowest levels often connect into ancient tunnel and cavern systems which non-human entities have been using for aeons. Many of these bases are located in desert areas like Pine Gap, Dulce, Area 51 and the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in the Mojave Desert of California.
Reptilian genetic manipulation and their hybrid programme take place in many of these bases and horrific sights of hybrid experiments between humans and other species have been reported by 'whisteblowers' who are naturally ignored by the mainstream media.

I have driven around the China Lake facility a number of times and there is virtually nothing above ground compared with its land mass of 1.1 million acres and a reported staff of approximately 4,400 civilian employees and around 1,000 military personnel.
I have spoken with several people over the years who have described the extensive underground base and tunnel system at China Lake where Reptilians interact with US military and intelligence personnel. It is also a major centre for mind control programmes which is why you meet so many people in the area that remind you of Stepford Wives.
I would be very surprised if genetic engineering and human-Reptilian activity were not going on in the deep recesses of Pine Gap where anything could be happening and the outside world would never know.
There have been a number of protests against Pine Gap over what is alleged to go on there and its crucial role in America's (the global cabal's) war machine. This may not change anything, but at least the protests are being directed at the right location.

We see mass protests outside parliaments and other political gatherings, but they are just the here today, gone tomorrow politicians who mostly have absolutely no idea who is really controlling and directing global events. The real power is in the unseen realms - including underground bases.
If anyone still believes that there is no Hidden Hand at work, well here is a question. American presidents and politicians are not allowed to know what is really going on at US underground bases in America and around the world; British prime ministers and politicians are not allowed to know what is happening at British underground bases and American bases on UK soil like Menwith Hill; Australian prime ministers and politicians are not allowed to know what is happening at Australian underground bases and American bases on Australian soil like Pine Gap.
So what force is making the decisions about what happens at these facilities no matter who is theoretically in political power? Answer that, and you name the force that is really controlling global events." 


This message has affected so many people and I think it's one of the best messages out there - somehow this man is able to express a clear and honest view that can take us all back to the place where we belong - where we face our inevitable indiscretions with a willingness to be awakened by them.  I love this guy.
 He is you - he is me - we are all in this together and as we face that we see how unique (yet one) we all are.  ycstar*