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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"The Big One" .....riveting....


The four brains of consciousness, Choose what you are ready for.....

"Identify your mind and where you want to be.
We have the 4 brains of consciousness. The further up in the 4 brains you use the higher reading you will get on a volt meter. About 0.05- 0.75, for most! (Balanced healers can give readings of up to 250 volts. You do not have to wonder where bioluminescent abilities come from anymore.) The four brains are the “Reptilian Brain” ( The lower brain), “Limbic Brain”, “Neo Cortex”, “Pre Frontal Cortex or Cerebral Cortex”. I think of these brain functions as goals and feel within myself as human it is my entire life goal to have the experiences to learn to hold myself in the “ Cerebral Cortex” or the “Upper Brain”.
The “Reptilian Brain” is our first cycle of consciousness, our beginning from when we lived in pure instinctual survival without thought. Since we where this in the beginning of our evolution it is still with us and we can choose to live from the ‘Reptilian Brain” ignoring our potential of evolutions past achievements of brain activity. This state of consciousness seems to be the main drive of mass society today. The state of higher conscious fearlessness brings a sense of general poverty for one to live and look past in a fear based , “Reptilian Brain” society.
The” Limbic Brain” is our ability to “desire” , hold value external of love, tradition, jewelry, and fashion, art. The Strong “Limbic Brain” in Humans, sets Humans vastly apart from other earth species in conscious awareness. Speaking from personal experience and within sight of a geometric web, I identify The society I live in as utilizing it’s own system of power to act from within the reptilian brain for justification of Dominance and Control over the people so those with the control who pay into it can live lives within the limbic brain protected by the reptilian force.
The “Neo Cortex” is our brain of Reason, problem solving, looking at all options. Living from the “Neo Cortex” would be those who navigate society as observers living above the emotional triggers of society coming at them and taking actions of reason and peaceful solutions. Holding the self within actions from the “Neo Cortex” takes an organic lifestyle and the many toxins in our food and water supply causes neurological damages and problem that making life much beyond the lower “Reptilian Bran” harder to do. We can all see the pieces of ourselves living from the actions of the“ Neo Cortex” however looking back it is only when you are not emotionally involved with this world but as an observer.
The” Prefrontal or Cerebral Cortex” is how our brain reacts a to consciousness and the five senses. It is where our perceptions react with our choices of brain within action will be taken. It is highly prone to perceptions and beliefs, electromagnetic sensitivity, psychic ability. Anyone who live from this brain will constantly tell you they are an illusions or hologram of light. This brain knows and can identify the limitations of physical body and knows by sound frequency signature connection it’s human self is not even a measurable fractal of conscious existence. You can also call this brain the core of self, or silver cord to full conscious self, the God self, higher self."
Angela July

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Children of the Sun - The Unity Matrix

The Unity Matrix, also referred to as the Planetary Grid of Light, is a pathway of energy that connects the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.

Full Moon Global Meditation this July 22nd....Gateway to the Day Out of Time and the Mayan New Year....


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alan Watts on the ultimate question -

The Nature Of Consciousness 


an extraordinary experience - actually allowing real thought to penetrate your Soul.....

Sunday, July 14, 2013