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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tomb of Red Queen and Dimensional Shift


For the past nine years I have been engaged with Valum Votan in a galactic learning program and mind transmission. With his passing came a whole new set of lessons; the current one being the transmutation of the emotional body.
I share this with you, as I know many people are currently experiencing heightened emotional states as well as a desire to find purpose in their life or to discover their divine mission.
For myself on the third-dimensional realm I have been working to transmute a deep sadness that seems to originate in the solar plexus region. These feelings form the raw material for my daily meditation.
As I sit with these feelings, I do my best to observe the feelings rather than conceptualize them. When I sit long enough a portal opens that seems to link with the suffering of all beings—the entire human family—everywhere on the planet (I always meditate with a globe in front of me). Through meditation you can see that as a species we are sitting on a collective heap of raw pain. As humans we do everything possible to avoid feeling to the core of our being. Through the mind’s eye we can watch this all as a movie; humans running here and there, busying themselves with this and that, only to avoid having to face this inner cauldron.   
I have also observed that as time is accelerating many people are feeling an urgency to find their purpose; their mission in this life. I believe the purpose of life is to find God, by whatever name you call the divine force. We are here to solve the great mystery of life by learning to perceive the Creator behind the worldly illusion. It is from cultivating this inner space that our divine mission will be revealed.
I have found that through persistent cultivation of this inner space, other worlds—parallel worlds—spring open and the synchronic codes of time take on ever-new meaning.
On the night of Self Existing Moon 5 (Oct. 22) I could not sleep. I was contemplating the fact that precisely one year ago it was kin 197 when Valum Votan received the Galactic Spiral Density Wave program, noting there were 791 days to 12-21-2012. From this point he determined there were exactly 7 cycles of 113 days each. Now we are well into the fourth cycle of 113 days, with 425 days to go (as of Kin 42).
I was feeling all of this and missing him deeply. I stayed up most of the night meditating and seeking contact with him on the inner realms. I was in a deep space praying intensely; praying for a sign. Finally at about 4 a.m., I fell asleep and seemed to enter immediately into a lucid dream.
I found myself in Palenque, in Temple 13 where is the tomb of the Red Queen. It was dark inside. Just as I was trying to orient myself, the walls started rumbling and swaying and the narrow chamber shapeshifted into a type of narrow cabin full of light. I looked up and there was Votan! It was as if we were in the same space as Temple 13, but the dimensions shifted and the exterior took on a different form, or as if there were many dimensions contained in this one space and according to a shift of mind a new environment emerged. I understood that we are always surrounded by an overlay of dimensions that are vibrating at different frequencies. It was as though I was being shown how to go back and forth through these frequencies.
So I was with Votan in this narrow cabin like chamber. There was a single computer sitting in the center. He indicated telepathically that this computer was a type of control panel linked directly to the main control panel at the center of the earth. He informed me that the center of the earth radiates light beams of information that connect with all of the pyramid structures on the planet. I understood these as the interplanetary regeneration chambers. He was also communicating something about the pyramids being overlays of a particular matrix structure that can be understood through the 441-cube matrix (though I do not yet fully understand this yet).
We were both drawn to this computer (or perhaps control panel).  Numerical codes were coming up on the screen. Intuitively I knew it was set to go off (like a time capsule release) any moment. In the dream I thought perhaps these “computers” were monitoring the timing cycle of the galactic beams.  This would mean that the dream was taking place around 12-21-2012. Votan was intently watching the monitor screen. I thought he must be watching the shift in numerical codes that indicate the new beam being phased in.
I could feel the time was near. There was a palpable electrical energy. All of a sudden a strange ripple effect went through the entire cabin (or pyramid overlay). I stepped outside and at first saw a pile of slugs. I picked one up. It was slimy, so I threw it down. As it hit the ground it dissolved into a strange black tar substance, then rapidly reshaped itself into the most brilliant green turtle! (I realized later that this dream occurred on a Magic turtle day in the first watch of the 4 Night of the 4 Moon).
Wow! I thought. This must be the transformation of matter! Then I spotted another building structure not too far away. It was rippling and swaying, and then rapidly melted into the same black tar-like substance. In its place appeared a beautiful lush garden with the most wonderful smells emanating from it.
“Wow!” I thought. It’s all really happening. THIS IS THE DIMENSIONAL SHIFT! Then I observed how my thoughts were intermingling and directly connected with these shifts. Once I realized this I began to consciously radiate as much love as possible and had the thought for everything to be transformed into the highest version of itself. The joy and excitement were indescribable.
I went back inside to the narrow cabin where Votan was still watching the number screen. Then the entire cabin started rippling. I looked at him and he was rippling and waving vibrating into an almost transparent etheric structure. I looked at my hand (which I often do in the dream as a sign that I am awake in the dream). But … then … I woke up … The phrase going through my head was: We the secret dreamers await the right moment to apply the higher harmonics to transform the world.    RED QUEEN

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