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Friday, October 21, 2011

From: Mary Rose <dustysummerrose@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 6:26 PM
Subject: Thanks to G. Patrick Flanagan & Stephanie Sutton Flanagan.
To: Fixgov <Fixgov@yahoogroups.com>

Dear Friends and Associates,

I want to thank both Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Stephanie Sutton Flanagan for the wonderful gift i received from them in recognition for my "outstanding work in facilitating the Co-learner's list for almost 12 years and in officially launching the first phase of a new endeavor for Future Dawning Enterprises" of which i am the Founder & CEO.     

On Tuesday of this week, I received a MacBook Air laptop from Pat and Steph and am overjoyed with its lightweight and fast performance.

Am so very grateful to both Patrick and Stephanie for their continued support in bringing Future Dawning Enterprises to this point of development.  

About 10 days ago we launched The Sacred Green Spiral  - a think tank - in what is the first of many phases in which we will be launching different sectors of the Virtual Learning Center (www.futuredawning.org).  The Virtual Learning Center is composed of 14 different NING-based websites which are called Portals and Pathways and lead to different interests where like-minded people may come together to learn and create projects that are transformational in nature. Each Portal and Pathway will accommodate from 60,000 to 100,000 people. Each individual becoming a member of either The Sacred Green Spiral or the Virtual Learning Center will have their own personal webpage which includes the ability to post photographs, videos, engage in discussion groups, create a personal blog and/or upload different services.  At the present time membership in the Future Dawning Virtual Learning Center and Think Tank is free.  However, in the not-to-distant future, we will be forced to charge a minimum monthly fee to cover expenses or to place advertising on the Portals and Pathways, or both. When we arrive at that point we will make a decision based on "what is in the best interests of all concerned."

The Sacred Green Spiral is a "by invitation only website" since we are looking for recognized leaders in their respective fields to come together to form the think tank.

The purpose of Future Dawning Enterprises is not to make a lot of money for ourselves, but to raise enough money to cover expenses, pay necessary staff members a living wage, and to have enough left over to enable us in funding projects critical to the survival of the human family at this time. Our pathway is via unconditional love and in providing well-being for every living thing on Earth. 

Once the Future Dawning Virtual Learning Center and the think tank - the Sacred Green Spiral have been launched - we will then move into Phase Three which is to launch the Moving Into: TOTAL WELLNESS program.  This program, which I am currently creating will be composed of two parts.  Part I will have to do with individual wellness, and Part II will be concerned with our social systems and whether or not they are designed to fulfill their full potential.  In Chapter One, we will be looking at TOTAL WELLNESS and defining what it is and how it works.  And, as I write the draft outline for this, we will be calling on the experts in their field and asking them to help fill in the blanks as we move along in both Parts One and Two.  And, since the experts in each section will be composed of those who we are seeking to be aboard The Sacred Green Spiral, we will be calling upon this group to aid in designing the TOTAL WELLNESS program so that it acts as a guide to take us from Point A to Point B as we discover as a collective society what the meaning of TOTAL WELLNESS is and how to get their both as individuals and as a collective conscious/unconscious mind.

And once again, I want to turn to G. Patrick Flanagan and express my thanks and gratitude to him because he is taking on the task of being an Advisor to Future Dawning Enterprises as we grow our business.  As well, Stephanie Sutton Flanagan has committed to work with us in anyway possible to move the company forward.

When i speak of "us" I am speaking of myself and long time friend and web designer, Joelle de Lespinois.  Joelle has since 1997 donated hundreds of hours of web design skills to enable what was once called, "The Turtle Island Institute" into being and now into creating Future Dawning Enterprises.  And I want to thank Joelle for her commitment to working with me no matter how long it took to bring this present entity into being.

We are currently communicating with others whom we would like to invite to become part of "us" and work closely together in the best interests of all concerned to bring this organization to its fullest potential. 
With Much Love and Hugs to Everyone Concerned,
Mary Rose
Founder & CEO - Future Dawning Enterprises

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