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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing up to become part of our community!

We are very excited about the enthusiastic response to THRIVE's first trailer, which has over a quarter of a million views on YouTube in just three weeks. The Premiere sold out in less than two hours, and our THRIVE community is already over 25,000 people from 169 countries!

We are also very encouraged by all of the activity being generated by Occupy Wall Street and would like to acknowledge the timeliness and courage of their efforts.

To that end, please check out the attached link with some interesting information on the history of the Federal Reserve which begs the question:  http://www.thrivemovement.com/infographics/historyofthefed/

How come the bankers, who created the financial collapse, were bailed out with over $16 trillion in taxpayer debt, while millions of hard-working people continue to lose their jobs and get evicted from their homes?

We encourage you to share this page with your friends (please note 'Facebook recommend' at the top of the page), as understanding how our monetary system works and what we can do about it are a huge part of the Thrive Movement.

Stay tuned for our film and vast website that both launch at http://thrivemovement.com/ on 11-11-11.


- Foster, Kimberly and the THRIVE Team

PS - We will be helping our growing community to set up home screenings and would love to have you on board when the time comes. Watch for our email next week. 

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