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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ok - this site is called COSMIC GNOSTIC - and I find it most interesting....

Comet Elenin: Are We Getting Beyond the Disinformation?

Comet Elenin has brought a significant amount of disinfo with it coming from the powers-that-were currently. When NASA (Never A Straight Answer) - head of the cover up for the Secret Space Program - consistently comes out with PR pushing for a certain/determined standpoint one has to wonder why so much attention on one comet? If the thing is of no concern they should have left it alone by making a simple statement than that be it, but they haven't. Instead, we've been bombarded by the powers-that-were with their propaganda and statements of getting prepared. All the while we're seeing increases in Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and so on. So, is there really something to be concerned about here? Succumbing to fear projected by evil is one thing, but ignoring an imminent danger is plain stupid. Here's a video presentation by Marshall Masters that I thought was worth checking out when concerning this subject so we can continue to try and understand what Comet Elenin means for us.


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