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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First X-Class Flare in Cycle 24 - Now It Gets Serious

Earth Changes Media Newsletter
With Mitch Battros
First X-Class Flare in Cycle 24

August 9, 2011   

"Now we are getting into the higher measurements of what the Mayan elders have told me in our conversations in the last week of July.  However, the magnitude of events in which they described will not occur until the last week of August.
Not just earth changing events, but geo-political events which include the monetary shift away from the United States and continued escalation between Pakistan and India.
The first X-class flare measuring X6.9 has set off from sunspot region 1263.  This region was just rotating around the western limb of the Sun and will only present a glancing blow to Earth. 
Region 1263 has become unstable and has increased in power.  Just six hours prior to the X6.9 it produced an M2.5 which now adds to five M-class flares and today's X6.9 during its rotation on the Earthside of the Sun.
Magnetic flux alert thresholds where exceeded and a warning has been announced. This event was associated with a Type II burst (1550 km per second). The data from solar satellite 'STEREO' confirms the presence of a CME (coronal mass ejection) at a speed larger than 1000 km per second.
The arrival of charged particles to hit the Earth's magnetic field will trigger a geo-magnetic storm within the next 72 hours."

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