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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The True Meaning of Wax On Wax Off or How to Channel : Frog

Are all the symptoms that we are seeing and experiencing on the planet the signs of the beginning of the end? Or at least, signs of a sh** load of work  to rescue the planet and humanity from the brink of disaster?
Or are they indicators of something else that is going on…something maybe positive and good? And if so, how could that be?
Let’s ask the Guru Frog (aka “Rana-ji)…he looks like he has all the answers.
Oh Master Guru Rana-ji,
Are we doomed? Is this the end? Have we messed up the planet so badly we will be shipped off to karma hell for all that we have done (after dying a horrible death, broke and alone?)
Master Rana-ji Responds:
Be still, and know that I am FROG.
I am the wisdom of the ages, the keeper of the visions, the balancer of the population of bugs.
It is time that humans understand what “Wax on, wax off” really means.
Wax on refers to the act of transformation. In a world experiencing transformation, all vibration increases to a new level of being-ness.
Wax off refers to what happens when the vibration increases. Everything of a lesser vibration must either fall away or increase in vibration. Resistance to this causes suffering, and falling out of timing with yourself, the planet and me, FROG.
Currently the entire planet is undergoing transformation. As the Mother of all Life, then you too are undergoing transformation. All that can’t move to a higher vibration in your life will fall away.
This is a good time to learn how to say “good-by” in 50 languages. Or as we say on our Lilly Pads: May you go with FROG…But go.
Just as you can’t hold the tides from receding, you can’t stop the tide of what is falling away.
But you can put your awareness on what is coming in. This is where the action is. This is where the power is. This is where abundance is ever present.
How do you find this elusive new energy that is coming in when the world that is falling away is so noisy, drama driven and even ridiculous?
You can imagine a column of light right next to you that is the new energy. Consciously step into it. You will feel better, stronger, able to jump higher, and zap flies farther away.
Once you locate the new energies, then it is time to practice being in them. Here are some signs that you are in the old energies:
  • When you believe anything that Donald Trump has to say
  • When you think there is a recession coming that will last 50 years
  • When you think that the planet can and will be destroyed by the human species
  • When you feel despair and hopelessness
Here are some signs that  you are in the new energies:
  • Abundance comes to you regardless of what the stock market or banks are doing
  • New solutions come in unexpectedly that completely and quickly resolve complex situations
  • You feel filled with hope and joy with your life
  • There is light all around you
Just choose every day to be in the new energies. Then go out there and do what only you know how to do. Do it with joy, leaping into the air just for the heck of it.
What about all your loved ones that are still in the old energies? Well, they’ll be along shortly. When they’re done with drama, disempowerment and doom and gloom and are ready to open to the goodness of the Uni-Lilly-Pad.
Be sure to let go of your old karmic Lilly Pad when  you move into the new energies. Some of you insist you must drag the old pad along. You get a clean, new, fresh Lilly Pad in the new energies. Explore this new Pad. Allow your mind to open to the new possibilities that are there.
Above all, you must learn to truly see and remember that the world is transforming, not sick and dying. The act of transforming can seem like illness because all the low vibrational mud come to the surface of the pond to be cleared away. That is part of transforming. Keep your senses focused on what you’re moving toward and not on what is falling away.
And if you can’t believe me because I am just a frog in your eyes and not FROG, then just choose to believe me anyway. You will be happier and more lighthearted, leading to the chemistry of health in your body.
Now join hands and chant with me:
Ooommmm, riiiiibbbbbiiiittt, shaaaannnntiiii, Om.

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