Klaatu Barada Nikto

K l a a t u B a r a d a N i k t o

Thursday, November 10, 2011


November Full Moon, 2011
Sun in Scorpio
Moon in Taurus
3 PM Eastern Standard Time   
Noon West Coast Time
10 AM Hawaii Time

Dear Friends,
  Please join me in prayer and meditation today, Thursday, November 10, between 3 and 4 PM EST, when the moon will be at its maximum fullness, to "Shed the Skin" of Murder and the Culture of Violence. I will be doing this, the 55th snakeskin shedding ceremony in a cycle of 144 ceremonies, in Atlanta, Georgia, at the resting place and memorial shrine of America's Great Prophet of Non-Violence, Martin Luther King Jr. To honor the memory of this extraordinary man, and the legacy of peace and social justice that he bequeathed to us all, we will send the smoke of sacred native plants to the four directions and sound the conch shell trumpet as a call of awakening for all humanity. The shed skins of snakes that are native to this southeastern region will subsequently be offered at a nearby natural site and released to the living elements as an act of ceremonial transformation.
   As we witness and participate in the birth of a new movement for social and economic justice, both in the streets of America and across the entire planet, let us join our hearts and minds together, envisioning that we can do this in a non-violent way with strength, clarity and integrity. May the tremendous example that Martin Luther King Jr gave us about the Power of Non-Violent Activism be remembered and restored. For though he was murdered by those who were engaged in the Culture of Violence, his vision of Universal Love could not be silenced. The Culture of Non-Violence continues to grow and evolve, engendering compassion with creative means to peacefully and effectively transform our world.
  Blessing Upon Each One of You. Blessings Upon Our Planet.
In Peace,
Jim Berenholtz

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