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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Closing the Cycle: Hear the Call, Kin 140–Yellow Planetary Sun
by Valum Votan: Closer of the Cycle

The whole purpose of the evolution of life on Earth is for just this moment — the Closing of the Cycle …

We all live by a HIGHER SPIRITUAL CALLING. Most of us suffocate that calling by thinking we have to be normal or conform to some ingrained idea of correct social behavior.
Even when we break out of the mold, we bring these self-perceptions with us, thinking that it is our nature, ourselves, our personality, not realizing that these self-perceptions are nothing but burdensome self-images that keep us from exerting to the highest, from being able to hear our SPIRITUAL CALLING.
Often, when we do hear that calling, it is still too much for us. Only the exceptional few can HEAR THE CALLING and take the risk of breaking all the social norms bringing on themselves possible social ostracism, condemnation or even persecution. But the result of such risk-taking by the exceptions who can heed the HIGHER SPIRITUAL CALLING is the spiritual teachings that have kept humankind spiritually alive through materialistic wave of empire after materialistic wave of empire.
But now it is the Closing of the Cycle. The last wave of materialism, the culmination of history itself is peaking everywhere and along with it its militarism, consumerism, mannerless entertainment and terrorism, all of it crashing against the foreboding shores of a land called No More Time.
So what do you have to lose?
Now is the time for millions of spiritual athletes to step forward simultaneously and begin to shake the foundations with their Spiritual Truth — that the time of war is over, and that the New Time of Peace and Time is Art has arrived!  That justice and equality must now be served or forever forfeit a brighter tomorrow. If this Higher Spiritual Will is not collectively excercised, the species will perish.
The Way of Wielding Power is accomplished not with a gun, or a threat, but by a concerted exercise of the will and a voice that speaks unquenchablely from a clear mind, proclaiming:
Our jobs are no longer important to us, nor, if they stand in the way of truth, are our families, nor most certainly are our nations important to us. WHAT MATTERS TO US IS THE TRUTH. And the truth is that our species has run out of time. We can longer go on every day with business as usual and think that the air will get any cleaner. Or that we will become less aggressive. No, the truth is that pollution and aggression are part  of the fabric of the way of life that we are pretending to defend against those who have not one one-hundredth of the fire power that we have stored in our nuclear arsenals.
We are calling for a STOP ALTOGETHER to this way of life! We henceforth call for a New Time Party to establish and agenda for planetary transformation. This agenda will be known as the Agenda for Safe Passage of Timeship Earth 2013. With this Agenda we shall convene a People’s Noospheric Assembly to supervise the affairs of our species. Global civilization is not experiencing a political crisis nor an economic crisis — it is experiencing a crisis of evolution. Such a crisis can only be solved by the exercise of the HIGHER SPIRITUAL WILL.
We are the people exercising that Will. We are the people who dare to step out of the land of shadows and false dreams into the light of truth and declare that if we continue to act as we are  acting then we shall never change and it will be too late. By exercising our Higher Spiritual Will we are the VOICE OF EVOLUTION.
We have solved the crisis: We know who we are! WE ARE THE NEXT STAGE OF EVOLUTION!
Only by such an effort as is represented by this foregoing declaration will we actually transform the Earth and make it to 12-21-12 and Galactic Synchronization (26, July 2013). HUNAB KU WILL BE CALLING AND GATHERING US THEN.

Having overcome karmic inertia we will enter a condition of enlightened weightlessness. This is all that Galactic Synchronization will be able to bear — enlightened weightlessness, no karmic baggage. In this way the evolutionary leap beyond the Closing of the Cycle, becomes easy. Spiritual survival will open a new chapter in the evolution of life on our planet — and the galaxy itself.
(excerpt from Living Through the Closing of the Cycle–a Survival Guide for the Road to 2012 — Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan)

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