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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Troops Home
The Zetas have long predicted that the US military would bring their troops home, to the homeland, when the Earth changes picked up, leaving only a skeleton crew at bases over seas.

Prediction 10/11/2003: The war games discussed during the NATO exercises included disasters equivalent to those we have predicted for the pole shift, immense devastation sparing none. In the event that such a scenario ensues, increasing volcanic eruption, quake torn roads and crumbling cities, mass populations homeless and roving the countryside, how should treaties installing the US Military in bases around the world be viewed? In the event of such earth changes, troops would be brought home, under stealth and with little fanfare, to the respective homelands, leaving at most a skeleton crew at the bases.

Of the hundreds of thousand of troops Bush had assigned to Iraq, to secure the oil fields for the Bush family and friends, only 150 will remain, a skeleton crew.

U.S. Military Works to get Troops Home Faster from Iraq
November 24, 2011
The U.S. military is ordering that soldiers crossing from Iraq into Kuwait be returned home at a faster rate, a move that comes as commanders work to break up a bottleneck of troops who have been pouring across the border ahead of a year-end deadline to withdraw. Of the approximate 11,000 troops in Iraq, down from the 50,000 three months earlier, only about 150 will remain after the deadline to assist in arms sales.
Where are the Legions?
May 26, 2004
As of early May 2004, there are some 250,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen deployed in support of combat, peacekeeping, and deterrence operations. This figure does not include those forces normally present in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom or Japan. If one were to include these forces the number of deployed troops worldwide would be around 350,000.
Note the Zetas made the prediction about the troops coming home when Bush, with all his ambitions, was still in the White House, and still pressing for yet more troops for the Middle East, to sit on the fields of black gold there, the oil fields. This shows that the Zetas knew in 2003 when the troops would be returned home, clearly not when Bush was in charge. It would be at a time when the Earth changes would be picking up.

Comment 9/8/2007: Bush intends to stall, as he has in the past, hoping now to push any determination to the spring. What he hopes for is some breakthrough on the many fronts where he has been trying to incite a war with Iran, martial law within the US, and some sort of fantasy about the world finally embracing him as the ruler of the new world. Bush's delusional plans are not even remotely possible or sustainable.

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