Klaatu Barada Nikto

K l a a t u B a r a d a N i k t o

Thursday, July 28, 2011

WHITE RHYTHMIC WIZARD YEAR - today JULY 26th....HAPPY NEW YEAR - As we enter this most auspicious year we will witness the Grand Shift of Consciousness that we have all been waiting for.....dissolving before our very eyes we will be the matrix machine that has held the planet ransom.

There is no debt, and there never was, because there is no money. Money is measured by weight, not declaration. The bigger the scam, and more wide-spread, the more successful it is generally. When someone in authority says, "this is what I say it is, and that's that," you either agree or not -- but if you know better, and say so by not abiding or going along, then you are viewed as the enemy, or outcast, which you are, because you might possess an aptitude for critical thinking. Modern Banking is the most successful criminal enterprise ever conceived, organized and deployed, along with its ancillary reality management matrix; used as the glue to keep the entire monstrosity bound together.

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